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  1. hey all, im sorry about my absence, I have just been very busy and caught up with life. the only time between work and schooling i get off I use to read. So I hope you don't mind me being very rarely on.
  2. Oh, I don't want to know about plans for the story though. I don't want any spoilers
  3. :3 I really cant wait! Also, its really nice to meet you too! I never knew he had plans for artwork to be added
  4. omg!!! Sorry to fangirl and all, but tell him I love his work! Im really looking forward to reading more
  5. Oh, thats so cool! wait, so is james Coventry here then?!?!
  6. oh, its from me myself and me. I hope that helps. nice to meet you by the way.
  7. Thankyou! I'm enjoying the forums so far. Its pretty cool
  8. Hi, im new here, but I hope everyone is nice! I don't really know what to say, but I have been a fan of anime since I was five. anyway, I look forward to talking to you all!
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