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  1. Hey, welcome to the forums! I'm new here too, and I hope we both enjoy our time here! Also I love the Netherlands, its awesome there!
  2. I like Tsunderes because they present a challenge, and I find that its definitely fun trying to peel the layers that they put up for other people and find out what they're really like. Most of the time I think they're very deep and interesting people!
  3. Hey everyone, i'm revupspoot and I joined this forum because i've liked anime for 4 years now and I think its cool that you get to discuss it together as a community in a forum! Some other facts about me is that i'm an aspiring Youtuber, I like to make video games as well as play them, i'm Canadian, and yeah- that's kinda it for now. Thanks and I hope to stay here for long! OH, also, I used to be in a forum when I was a little kid (around 10) where you share and discuss lego stop-motion films. I was really active there, and so I hope to be just as active here. Thanks and have a great day!
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