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    Monster . . . No black lagoon . . . . No ergo Proxy . . . . . No attack on Titan . . . . . no Claymore . . . . . . No Baccano! . . . . . No aww hell i love lots of anime and it depends on how i feel at the time, favourite movies though are all ghibli
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  1. Gooood Day anime fans and fanatics, My name though it is quite unimportant in these things is Julian, I am English born and raised. Now enough of this idol chit chat I am looking for something to watch or read next. I will hopefully be using this blog to talk about all sorts of anime whether it is a golden oldie or something new and shiny, if it dives then hopefully there will be a few mentions of anime that are defiantly worth a watch/binge. If it turns sour because of peoples preferences and opinions I will take a step back hold my hands up and close the blog but here's hoping level headedness and good intentions hold fast. I wish to hear all sorts of opinions on here and even if I don't agree with them I will try any anime that isn't isekai or hentai and I am happy to talk about all sorts but if people do want to talk about those go right ahead i will not be chiming in =). My top anime series include cowboy bebop, Black lagoon, Psycho pass, Monster, Trigunn, Claymore and much much more but having caught up with all anime I have got lost in over the years i need something else to reinvigorate my passion for the genre I just don't know where to start hopefully something that isn't aimed at primarily at adolescent fan bases. You can interpret that any way you want but i had to put something in here along those lines. wow my grammar is worse than I thought
  2. Kethrolofthemind

    Zombie Land Saga

    OooK, I am four episodes in and let me say this is not the kind of anime I got sucked into but because of the opening to the first episode (teen idol star starting her day, gets hit by a van and then music went from poptastic to screemo heavy metal, it made me smile) I was intrigued and kept watching. I will not be carrying on, on the basis that they don't remember their lives or who they used to be oh but wait some of them do and some of them don't and yet this is just a badly thought out premise which the writer does not seem to keep in their mind constantly its not even questioned by the main character who has no memories of her past oh but wait she remembers watching zombie films??. you would think questions would be raised (even if they were side stepped or just ignored) but no. If there is a reason for the inconsistency in the storyline later on i don't have the patience with this sort of anime. yes, yes i Know quite a negative review but there is a lot to be improved in the way this story should have evolved (in my mind) up to this point and how there is no explanation of how things are remembered or not. If there is a reason this is the case please tell me, put me in my place! =)) i would like to know if the storyline gets ironed out or whether this is how it runs but don't have the patience and don't want to waste my time if it doesn't get explained. Think the only other "idol" esk anime i have seen is about mafia men turned into pop idols (funny enough but a bit cringe) or perfect blue which is more about the emotions and is a more psychological anime, great film though if you like the darker side of things. signed Kethrolofthemind
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