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  1. Hi! I grew up w Dragonball and Sailor moon, Toonami and Ghost in the Shell. I used to draw a bit as well- anyway I really enjoy the genre but felt around highscool that I had to give it up to fit in.. it's really wierd to look back on. But I love anime art and am coming back to this fresh! Any suggestions or comments regarding shows, movies I could get caught up on- or even just if you can relate your own experienes regarding "popular mainstream" culture in relation to Anime and its passionate following? Glad to be here!! Thanks for being a part of this Forum.
  2. Been jamming to Legend of Mana ost since the remaster's coming out in the next week or so. Always loved the art direction and character styles of the Mana series...but the music is right up there with the best of the best. Takes you through so many places within.. what are some of your favorite soundtracks? Also Grandia ost is high on the list! Love me some impressionist/jazz/anime smash up Enjoy the "album cover"series-
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