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  1. I continued where I left off in the story mode in Dead or Alive 5 Last Round. The final boss gave me some crap but was able to beat it. Beat Resident Evil Village again on hard mode which wasn’t too hard as I used infinite ammo. I’m looking forward to finishing RE Village in third person once that mode comes out. 

  2. One of my favourite non anime TV series is Batman The Animated Series. I have the complete series on Blu-Ray definitely a great purchase and an awesome show all around. Personally I like the character designs and the world of Gotham City. The New Batman Adventures has my favourite Batman suit design with the grey and black costume. I’m not a fan of Joker’s design from New Batman Adventures as he looks plain without the traditional green hair, red lips and black eye lids. 

    One episode I like is a episode that takes place on Christmas and New Years Eve. Definitely a good episode as you get a lot of villains in one story. I love it!

    Overall absolutely love and recommend Batman The Animated Series to anyone.

  3. Welcome to the forum Aussie. Looking at what game consoles you played, I like all them don’t really a primary console I like above all others. PlayStation and Nintendo consoles are definitely up there for gaming consoles for me also. And happy to hear you go to a good school, getting a good education is always a must. Always a joy to hear that somebody likes anime as well. Feel free to browse around and I hope you enjoy your time here. 

  4. Welcome to AF Tobi. I see you know what Fairy Tail is, always nice to see someone watched the anime as it’s one of my favourite anime. Hope you’re enjoying your time here too. 

  5. Greetings and welcome to AF. I see that you liked MHA, I liked it myself pretty good anime series. You should check out Fairy Tail, it’s a decent anime. I hope you are enjoying your time here as well. :) 

  6. Recently bought and played Call of Duty Cold War, I have the cross gen bundle by the way for PS4/PS5. Played the campaign first of course, I was hyped as heck for this campaign because fan loved characters were returning such as Mason, Woods and Hudson. Adler and the rest of the other cast were cool, I liked Adler the most when it came to new characters. The game played okay although many have reported bugs and freezes, thankfully none on my end. As for the multiplayer and zombies, I enjoyed what was there but I just wished more was at launch. Pretty good game in my opinion, I have a feeling I will play more of the game. 

  7. Welcome to AF. Hope you’re enjoying your time here so far, I’m Tefutakato or Teffy for short. Definitely make yourself comfortable here and get to know others if you like. After all we’re all fans of anime and that’s what we’re here for. 😛 

  8. Welcome to AF. Like others have said, i hope you enjoy your time here and maybe you won't feel so lonely. Always feel free to report anything that goes against the rules here, i am sure the mods and admins would gladly help you out. Have fun! 

  9. This question is very common especially when you think to yourself at random moments in life. Everyone sees themselves differently, it may be in a positive outlook or negative outlook. Whatever the outlook it may or may not define who you really are as an individual. 

    Anyway from my perspective I see myself as a person who struggles with getting close to others because i have trust issues. And I just grew to not really trust in others since most people in my life have either lied to me or just used me these experiences where related to making friends. Indeed I did have legitimate friends who I loved dearly but somewhere down the line things broke apart the reason being I moved or I was just being anxious. When you move a lot it can take a toll on you as a kid because you start to believe that if you make a friend what good is it since you might end up leaving. Despite my flaws I do try to be as happy as can be even when I don’t feel like it. 

    Happiness is a skill I think and like all skills you need to learn. I did have happy moments in life too. One being I made a very close friend via another forum. Although we don’t talk anymore from the looks of it I felt maybe it was time to move on. Another happy moment I had was when I attended an anime convention in a city far away from my own. I met other fans there to my surprise I found that anime fans are very nice and fun to be around. I had so much fun being around people who didn’t judge me for what’s I enjoyed and I felt 100% welcomed. 

    Anyway I should end it here since i’m rambling. Question is how do you see yourself? Do the best you can when writing an answer. Hope my topic is okay for the forum.


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  10. On 6/24/2018 at 7:26 PM, brycec said:

    1. How long do you think you will be able to survive on an island where the main source of nourishment for the wildlife was human flesh and you only had a knife?

    2. If you had omniscience, how well do you think you would be able to handle yourself? Would you be able to live your life normally or would you breakdown due to the stress?

    3. If you had 999 centillion dollars, What would you do with it?

    4. What would you do if angel from heaven appeared before you at this moment?

    5. What food do you hate the?

    6. If you could go back to any period in time, but you had to remain there for the rest of your life, where would you go?

    7. What character from any work of fiction would you not want to meet in real life?

    8. What would you do if the government had you listed as dead, even though you were not dead?

    1. I’d rather die than eat another human. But on the other hand I have a knife to make spears for spear fishing. While sharks would be a possible problem using the spear for a weapon could be done too. I’m sure living on fish and drinking fresh water from rain would be a possibility. I’d say i’m all set to survive on a island.

    2. If I knew everything that gift would be great because I could use it for good. Maybe I could cure incurable illnesses and would know the secrets to immortality which I would share with a few because not everyone deserves the ability. I’d probably get stressed due to the fact that everything I do would be predictable by my knowing all things. I guess in a nutshell the ability wouldn’t too bad. 

    3. If I had that amount of money. I’d make a country run by only me as king. As for my rule i’d probably create a huge military and have a massive police force. And post secondary school would be free of cost paid for by non other than me. Also having free medical care would be good for all. I’d also keep taxation moderate because I need support to run government and pay for the supports for my country. That’s basically what I would do.

    4. Not sure, i’d probably ask it what message it has for me. Since the word “angel” means “messenger”. Other than that i’d be afraid of it and in awe of what I’m seeing. 

    5. Snails, i’ve only eaten them once before. I tried to eat it but I couldn’t stand the taste so I spit it out. Never again will I eat it. 

    6. I’d probably choose when I was a child because why not stay one forever. No responsibilities to worry about and you’re taken care of by mom or dad forever. Plus you’re parents would be young forever too. I think it would be pretty cool to be a child forever. 

    7. Probably the Hulk since if you were to get Bruce Banner mad than you’re in for some serious hurt. Not to mention it’d be pretty scary having the Hulk chase you because he has super speed. Also he’d be indestructible to stop since nothing much has the power to truly stop him. That’s basically it.

    8. Probably go live somewhere else to another country to start a new life. I’d live in Japan and change my name to something else since that person I once was is “dead”. Than I just enjoy my new life and never bring up my old identity ever again. 

    Thanks for the questions. I apologize for answering these so late. Better late than never I suppose.

    On 6/28/2018 at 7:50 PM, Estatia said:

    Cat or Dog?

    As for this question. I’d say cat, cats are easier to take care of and they are really independent. I love them since they can stay cute even through adulthood. Cats have always been my favourite animal, i’m just a cat person!

    Happy is best cat though. lol

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