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  1. I like storylines where the MC has to teach a secondary MC how to act. I like to help others and such plots reinforce that.
  2. How many of you are into monster girls? I watched Monster Musume and was thoroughly enjoyed the laughter it brought. I can't wait for season 2! Then I watched Monster Girl Doctor and felt that it was the best representation of coexisting in a fantasy world with demihuman races. But I digress, who here thinks we need more content with monster girls? What kinds are your favorite? ( Cat girls are mine but I dig the Lamia thing too). I am making a fantasy game and want to include many races but want to see what a public opinion would devise as the best of the bunch?
  3. I have watched "Don't Toy with me Miss Nagatoro" and thought it was awesome!!! "School Rumble" was one of favorite anime's and one of the first to get me into Rom Coms. Then I watched "Chobits" and liked that as well. Comedies are the best but I hate it when you watch a comedy that turns into a drama like "Shuffle"
  4. I am new to forums and don't know where to start. I actually never considered them until watching Oreimo (...yeah...did not expect it to really go so far...) and was like, "Are there really online communities of anime fans like that?" I like rom-coms, comedies, fantasy and scifi, and while I steer clear of straight adult anime I don't mind ecchi for laughs. Where do I go from here?
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