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Spirit pact recommendations?


I just love Spirit pact. I need a same anime like that. Though there is none. Anyways, share your ideas, suggestions and or whatever recommendation you've got. 

Uh, I'm tired. Shounen-ai is just too unpopular unlike romance or shoujo. Chinese people tag some donghua with BL, romance or whatever, but there WILL never be any BL aspects, pfft. For exp, Tian bao fu yao lu and scumbag system and another mo dao zu shi. Also, Di wang gong lue. There are just 2 Chinese BL anime I've seen who showed BL themes and scenes, like; TGCF, Spirit pact.

So, as everyone knows, Spirit pact was, is and will always be our 1st Chinese/BL masterpiece, so can anyone please, please recommend me another BL like this one? It would great help for me.

If you got some, then may god bless you~ Thank you!

This is a link, you can check my watched list for BL series I've watched>>> Anime-Planet LailanD watched BL anime list 

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