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See my art I make cartoons and use blender.My cartoon

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So I did work and it is A succes it explains secrets of the bible ; salvation by faith, what serveth the law ?, the gifts God gave women ( explains all the biblical stuff of prophecy, gifts, and verses for woman ) The angels of the lord ( explains the nature of angels ) and more episodes. In the series David is in the end times he went thru episode 1 to 4 where he is learning the law and what is faith then episode 6 to 10 discovers angels and order and faith is justification then womans and their gifts. After all that episode 11 david passes time and is at end times God judges the world and david tells him in his judgement he wants to save his family God agrees and lets him save his family.

Took me 1 year and 6 months to make it with blender program expalins secrets of the bible.



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