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Hi has anyone read BJ Alex


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  • 6 months later...

VERY late to respond here, but, didn't see this topic now until I just checked in on this club. I've read it (not all the way through) and I...believe I have a valid reasoning for it. It's quite an interesting read. It didn't really pull me in, as I'm more into softer BL mangas and reads more than anything. I will say, it's got a great artistic style, but the storyline and plot..could be better. I feel like it's more of..ahem, sexual based manga, and that is honestly a trope in most Yaoi/BL Mangas/Animes. Which I find displeasing. 

But overall, it's all about taste, and this is only my opinion :) you like whatever you like! If that's something that suits your fancy, then so be it. 
I'm not sure if you're interested, BUT! My taste is a softer, wholesome BL storyline. Which is personally what I'm into...

You keep rockin' your taste my friend! 😁
And if you want Webcomics/Manga similar to BJ Alex, then I have a TINY list for you. 

  • Walk On Water
  • Unromantic (fast paced, but a decent story)
  • Love Me Doctor

Hope you enjoy the mini-list, hope we can interact more! :) Salut! 

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