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Character Rosters that Seem Incomplete


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Ever had that feeling that a game's character roster is somehow missing something? I know I have. Take Guilty Gear by Arc System Works...it already has a bounty hunter ( Frederick/Sol ), a pirate ( May ), and a surgeon ( Faust ). I really think the game could use a barber. Not just any barber, an insane barber toting a big pair of menacing garden shears, whose super move is to cut his opponent's hair while they are passed out and show them their bad hair day using a hand mirror. What could be cooler than a madman with garden shears, what with all the struttin' and the cuttin'? It would be even more hilarious if the character had a feud going on with Millia - the character who uses her hair as her primary mode of attack in the game. It would be even better if the character sported brightly coloured leopard and zebra prints on their outfit, as well as a bowtie choker to complete their look. I know that this barber theme doesn't really fit in with all the easter egg references to rock bands ( that I am aware of ) but, neither did Baiken when she was introduced - I know Baiken actually started out as a secret character in the first game - kinda like Mortal Kombat's Reptile.



Okay, I'll 'fess up...I really just miss the hilarious antics of Brutus the Barber Beefcake ( aka Ed Leslie ). It doesn't even matter that the guy's finisher was only a sleeper hold, he was a great showman. I know that wrestling isn't real, but it was still one of the greatest gimmicks in all of sports entertainment history.




If it was decided that the character would be a chick, then that would actually make her a cheesecake. In such a case, I would favor making her a strapping 6 ft. tall amazon with an insane hard body - like the one Elena has in Street Fighter. The game also probably needs an evil clown like Doink. 🤣 🤣 🤣

Man, I should be given a job in creative control at one of those companies...


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