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Copyrighting Your OC ( Original Character )

Lone Lancer

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Although I have been watching anime now for some time, it was only recently as a writer that I decided to experiment with the concept of attempting to create graphical novels or manga. The single biggest fear lurking in the back of my mind is, what if someone copyright trolls me and attempts to deprive me of my IP ( intellectual property ) and perogative of using the characters that I created myself - my brainchild? Recently, I have watched videos about the way that the process works in the States. Is anything ever simple in the whole legal aspect?? Since I am actually trying to appeal to audiences not only in the West but also in Japan, would it perhaps be a better idea to try using the Patent/Trademark Offices of Japan over those of said Western Countries since the system is geared 99% toward destroying up and coming entrepreneurs? I cannot imagine that they could be any more untrustworthy on the other side of that pond. Are there any known examples of people actually doing this? Foreigners ( or "gaijin" ) in the West actually coming to the Japanese to get their ideas copyrighted/trademarked? Below are some videos that made me even more hesitant to try working with the USPTO. I am unfortunately very unworldly about these types of things. Unlike the wealthy 1%, I am an honest person and not a scumbag who does this type of stuff to people. I am actually less worried about whether anyone tries to copycat me in an overtly brazen manner. Opinions and/or insights on this topic are welcome.



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