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Any anime like Charlotte?



I rewatched Charlotte for the third time and I’m really trying to find anime like it.Something with a slice of life/school life with a group of friends that has supernatural elements or abilities would be cool. I think Angel Beats would fit but I tried watching it but the plot was kinda confusing and weird imo. Maybe I’ll try again but anything else?


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Kokoro Connect
Here's a comparison I found on MAL

-high school setting
-high school club
-supernatural elements -
-a tad of mystery
Both series include a group of high school students that join a club. In Kokoro Connect, this is a club that friends are in together. In Charlotte, the 'club' is the student council. In Charlotte, however, the abilities are all different and are used on a voluntary basis. In Kokoro Connect, the abilities the club receives are not voluntary. If you like high school 'drama' and supernatural elements such as powers and abilities, Charlotte may interest you just as much as Kokoro Connect did! 
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