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Critical? Not necessarily.

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The Minnesota Shuffle

The Minnesota Shuffle Losing a place to live due to shady landlords, "Minnesota nice" - meaning passive-aggressive, manipulative, shady housemates, or getting the building bought from under you and the new owners taking over your lease, or you're a family getting kicked out with only a month notice which is the legal minimum requirement Changing jobs due to management micromanaging, manipulative shady employers, ignorant coworkers.  




Anime on free TV apps

I have Pluto TV, Tubi V and basic Roku apps. Each of them vary every differently on how they operate, how much anime they have, and what animes they have. They're free, so I suggest downloading all 3 apps! I'm going to do a review on all 3 soon, but right now, I have a review of of Pluto TV!



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