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  1. The Minnesota Shuffle Losing a place to live due to shady landlords, "Minnesota nice" - meaning passive-aggressive, manipulative, shady housemates, or getting the building bought from under you and the new owners taking over your lease, or you're a family getting kicked out with only a month notice which is the legal minimum requirement Changing jobs due to management micromanaging, manipulative shady employers, ignorant coworkers.
  2. I have Pluto TV, Tubi V and basic Roku apps. Each of them vary every differently on how they operate, how much anime they have, and what animes they have. They're free, so I suggest downloading all 3 apps! I'm going to do a review on all 3 soon, but right now, I have a review of of Pluto TV!
  3. Is there a place for anime music videos?

  4. Watching Let's Players and Game Reviewers ALL DAY ERRDAY!
  5. A comic. I'm not going to try to use a code for this. Here's a like to the page where the comic is!
  6. Hello everyone! I made an account, and maybe some posts, but I don't remember if I introduced myself. But, for as much as I'm here it doesn't matter. The co-founder of Wiki called for a social media boycott (look it up), so I'm taking part by being here, because I still need to socialize. I'm unemployed and usually up at night, so I have a lot of time! I make internet content and read tarot and palms. I also make zines, that are available online! I mostly like action anime. I don't watch much live action stuff, because they always try to throw romance in it. I usually make an effort to like female characters, and I hate stereotypes. I want to say "I've grown out of oversized breast anime", but I'll watch it if it's queer women or a world with with no or few men, in general. I also look out for LGBTQ+ characters! Ofc, I have a MAL! I'm very much into tech, and my favorite things are portable tech like cellphones and tablets. I'm also very into the medical science of Prosthetics and body modifications! Although, I don't have much interest in science "overall". But, science should be to help people - I believe! That's all that comes to mind... Take care!
  7. As a queer person, I don't like how a lot of our queer media is focused on the struggle of being queer. Everyone has there thing, but you can be queer and live a normal life without major traumatic events related to being queer. I looked MLEwL up, and I question if it's so acclaimed because it's actually good, or if people are too into the struggle to want to enjoy happy LGBTQ stories. Or, stories with LGBTQ characters that aren't emotional shifted on being LGBTQ at all.
  8. I'm TRYING to read Gangsta. but it's frustrating to read due to the story direction and pacing! It's better as an anime.
  9. A younger me would be like "gruuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuls"! But, we really need to open up to gender diversity, because we have more gender queer characters now, than we use to. And, really, I like any character that isn't a busted gender stereotype!
  10. I agree that Cowboy Bebop is very unique. You really won't find a lot of the perfect mix that it is. I'll suggest Galaxy Express 999, Afro Samurai, Kite, and Wolf's Rain.
  11. I started in manga with Shonen Jump, so I read a lot at once. The original Yu-Gi-Oh was in it when I started.
  12. I'm here for the social media boycott.

  13. Hebiyoujo

    Mobile Games

    I've tried all the Sonic Runners and Jumpers, so far. I played Beyond Oasis, Golden Axe, Ristar, Crazy Taxi C, Comix Zone, Sonic 1. Just o down the list of the Sega Forever collection, and I'm either playing it, or I tried to play it.
  14. I'd like to take part! Will it be on Twich, or something?
  15. Hebiyoujo

    Anime Survey 2017

    Translating Bo-Bobo Paprika (either dark red or red-ish brown) All of them None of them There's this Korean doll anime. I don't know the name of it, because I can't read Korean, but it's surprisingly touching. Script Writer
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