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Hey there! I'm newer when it comes to writing so I would enjoy any feedback you can give me, be it negative or positive! I'm a big fan of anime (though I'm not as interested in Japanese culture as a whole) and have seen quite a bit!~

Thanks for reading my article!

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Should You Watch Nisekoi (False Love)?

Note: Before reading realize there are some spoilers in the second paragraph. Nisekoi is an anime that miraculously manages to take a large number of overused anime cliches and surprisingly make them enjoyable for both the new anime fans and the old. The anime takes these cliches and combines them with stunning visuals and animation and brings them to life in a rom-com that surprised me as well as many others. Nisekoi is set in a peaceful town where, Ichijou Raku, the son of a Yakuza g



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