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  1. Bard

    What do you think about todays weather

  2. I haven't played on a PS Vita, but it's choice of games seems to suit me more than those the DS currently has, though I haven't played the DS in a long time.
  3. Stretch first, then yawn.

  4. I personally prefer pc gaming though I've gamed longer on my X-box partly because I lacked the funds to go out and purchase a decent pc as well as the wide variety of games I already had on my xbox.
  5. Do you prefer to watch anime that are airing or do you prefer to wait until after they're finished? For me, I prefer to watch the anime after they've aired because I'll lose track of what's going on, especially if I'm watching more than one at a time. What about you guys?
  6. $3x¥


    Welcome! I hope you enjoy your stay here. I know I'm enjoying mine thus far.~
  7. That's probably smarter and in the end cheaper considering the prices for xbox live. Still, building a computer is pretty expensive too. Tell me how it goes though!
  8. I normally play games on my pc these days so an x-box 1 would be a waste of my money.
  9. I'm not really a big music fan lol. The only real music I listen to outside of anime (during the episode) is the radio.
  10. I still enjoy playing the zombies on them both using my obsolete X-box 360. I still haven't played Bo3. ;3;
  11. I can't really say I'm excited for a new CoD. I stopped buying their games years ago plus it's almost a given that they'll make a new game every year. I never really played Battlefield, but what I have played, I enjoyed much more than the repetitive Call of Duty.
  12. Note: Before reading realize there are some spoilers in the second paragraph. Nisekoi is an anime that miraculously manages to take a large number of overused anime cliches and surprisingly make them enjoyable for both the new anime fans and the old. The anime takes these cliches and combines them with stunning visuals and animation and brings them to life in a rom-com that surprised me as well as many others. Nisekoi is set in a peaceful town where, Ichijou Raku, the son of a Yakuza gang leader, is forced to date a girl whom he has a grudge against for various reasons, because she i
  13. I'm not sure if this has been brought up, but why don't we watch anime together? Like, we vote upon an anime to watch and watch an episode of an anime (over x amount of time) and then discuss the anime?
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