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About this blog

Various information and tips and tricks in the games I like to play, ranging from Nintendo DS (the original), Nintendo Switch, PS3, and PS4.

Entries in this blog

Final Fantasy X/X-2 HD Remastered

Ok, so, I've decided to start a new game of Final Fantasy X before playing X-2. Luckily there's YouTube if I get stuck at all, but since I've got the official HD Remastered strategy guide I might not need to rely on YouTube. Right now I've progressed to the point of the Al Bhed ship that Tidus helps in exchange for a place to stay after Sin transported him to the middle of nowhere. Or seemingly the middle of nowhere at first. I've never actually beaten X or X-2, so I'm hoping to cross that off m

Preparing for Crisis Core (And other things FFVII)

So, with my birthday coming up, I plan on getting Crisis Core when my day gets here, so since I've got Advent Children and the original Final Fantasy VII on my Switch, I figured I'd give it a run through to remember the story. I seem to remember Sephiroth was in a cocoon of materia in the northern crater... so, that begs the question: who was it that Cloud was following all that time? I think it was the headless remnant of Jenova, taking the form of Sephiroth after coming into contact with Cloud

Final Fantasy VIII Remastered

Ok, so, a good spot to farm AP is on the beaches of Balamb for Fastitocalon-F monsters which always appear in groups of 2 for a whopping total of 6 AP per fight. With the Card ability (best used after whacking a monster a few times) you won't need to worry about beefing up your party too early. It's a great way to learn GF Abilities relatively quick, but there's still a deal of grinding that has to be done using this method. If you get too many cards, just Refine them into Water Crystals, then s

Wild Emotion

Wild Emotion in FFVIII Remastered

Fist of the North Star: Lost Paradise

There's kind of a secret, but you can find it in the secret techniques list. Still, you'd have to read through a lot so I'll just mention it here. In the Abilities chart there's an option to invest in a function of holding down the circle button in order to inflict various states of shock in enemies, depending on how long you hold it. You have to unlock them though through leveling up. You can send a giant enemy into Tremor Shock instead of Kneel Chance. After doing this (holding circle until Ke
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