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Winter 2018 First Impressions #7 - Grancrest Senki

Mars Terra


Record of Grancrest War, japanese title Grancrest Senki, is actually one of the anime that I was most looking forward to this season, it being a fantasy anime based on a lightnovel that doesn't involve the main character being sent to another world, called isekai, so it was nice to see a return to a more traditional formula. The story takes place on the fictional Atlata continent, there exists two country that have been at constant war, the Factory Federation and Fantasy Alliance.
The lead character is Siluca Meletes, who we see running through a tunnel urgently, talking to someone via her wand, which comes off as a bit silly since it works just like a phone and I assume it was to save time trying to explain to the audience, as most people will get it right away. After that she begins walking through a crowd and expresses grief at being chosen as the student who will give a speech at some event, this comes across as a joke and likely is, but considering it seemed like she was running towards battle and how this is the first scene this doesn't help to establish the tone of the show. The event turns out to be the wedding of the prince and princess of two different countries, one that will unite them together at long last, however, chaos convergence occurs via a orb that is present in the room and a demon appears, while trying the repeal the demon the fathers of the bride and groom are killed, thus ending the treaty before it even begins. What the orb is and what it is there for is not properly explained, only until after the incident can you piece together what any of it means. In this world there are crests that can be obtained by humans for strength which rests on their hand, these crest are birth from things known as chaos cores that rest inside of demons and can be obtained once one is defeated.
Siluca is later chosen by a lord, who are crest bearers and as the name implies they rule over a small land, to enter into a contract with him, being his mage, much to her dismay. After being ambushed, she is saved by Theo Cornaro, a crest bearer, who is on a journey to liberate his hometown and end the war and chaos that persists in this world. The end of the first episode shows Siluca's group overtaking a lord's domain and her telling Theo to become part of the alliance, which would make the land they just acquired surrounded by Federation.
The action sequences are well directed but are a bit blurry, the premise seems to heading to where the main characters wage all-out war on opposing factions which could be interesting if executed properly, but the show needs to explain more about the world and how it works, if my description of the fantasy elements sounded a bit ridiculous it's probably because they are. This show has potential but I'm not sure it can live up to my expectations. That's all for this post, but if you haven't already be sure to check out my impressions on Hataraku Onii-san!, Citrus and Sanrio Danshi.  Tomorrow I will take a look at Gakuen BabysittersMitsuboshi Colors and Slow Start. Have a wonderful day.

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I'm looking forward to this one too.  I just watched the first episode on Crunchy & I liked what I saw of that.  One worry is that it started quick & keeping that pace AND keeping it good might be a challenge.  I binge-watch so I probably won't come back to it until after the end, but it is definitely on my list.

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