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Why Continue?



When I watch curtain anime I start to question my life based off of what is going on, like in a anime an MC is portrayed to come out on top in Romance, Action or Fantasy.... But What about in the real world? In the real world everyone is the MC so who comes out on top.... When I think about it I feel to small to make a wave in the ocean of people.... But not being able to does not mean I don't want to but it does mean I think I can't... I wonder why do we continue with our lives when ultimately we don't have any real goals, for instance... You say your goal is to get a medal what do you do after you get your medal nothing changed from you getting it... You say your gonna start to workout to get in shape. Why, whats the point when if you didn't you can indulge yourself more with little affect... Why, is there a reason to continue when a goal you set leads to nothing more... When you feel like your life doesn't mean anything... Anyway just got done watching a bunch of sad anime and these where what came to mind afterwords nothing to serious, right?




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Accomplish one goal, start working on another. Why does it matter if your splash isn't seen by the whole world? As long as I'm happy with my own splashes, it doesn't really concern me if anybody else knows about them. I guess if you just happen to make a giant wave at some point in your life- then, great- but don't let yourself get trapped with the idea that it's all or nothing; nobody gets out alive, and we only get one shot at this life so why not just try to make the best of it with what you have?

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In my opinion it's not the destiny that matters, it's the journey and the memories we make from it. People get proud when they accomplish things that's why they continue setting themselves goals. Finding yourself is what life is all about.

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