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  1. Well you can just skip the fillers, just search for the list of episodes in wikipedia and only watch the canon episodes. I remember when it was still on air, I stopped watched Naruto for some months in the filler where *spoiler* they were onboard a ship to train Naruto to control the Kyuubi.* It was so annoying so I waited for the canon episodes to continue watching it.
  2. In episode 14, why did Kouka joined the antibodies group and destroyed the "president" hIE and revealed herself to the world? What were the reasons for doing it?
  3. I bought the last two volumes of a manga I was reading online, because the translation team didn't translate it anymore since the official translation in english was released. So I bought them on iBooks, digital copies.
  4. A cappuccino every then and now is good. I remember there was a really good coffee with pumpkin they sold in Starbucks, I wonder if it is still on the menu.
  5. I'm watching Darling in the Franxx and Beatless. I'm thinking if I should watch Gintama, some people say it's good but it has a slow start.
  6. Layfon

    Why Continue?

    In my opinion it's not the destiny that matters, it's the journey and the memories we make from it. People get proud when they accomplish things that's why they continue setting themselves goals. Finding yourself is what life is all about.
  7. Bleach, Fairy Tail and even Naruto (Naruto is a good anime despite what people says, give it an opportunity. Just look in wikipedia which episodes are fillers and skip them, the same with the other 2, skip the fillers). Darker than Black is also a good option.
  8. It already stop airing. There aren't many chapters, like 13, but it is a good anime. I think the manga is still ongoing though.
  9. I hope they explain who was behind the mind control of Shaltear, maybe it was another Yggdrasil character or someone that already knew Ainz.
  10. Monster Suzuka Kimi no iru Machi Doubt The Breaker Tower of God Goblin Slayer It only has 3 chapters so far but I quite like it: Our lonely war
  11. First Squad: The moment of truth. Interesting movie.
  12. As Wodahs said, Dantalian no Shoka is a good anime, give it a try. And I also suggest Pandora Hearts.
  13. I reccomend Dimension W, Overlord and Kekkai Sensen
  14. It's too hot outside, I hope it begins to rain soon

    1. wikkidgrace


      You can have my flood! Our heavy snow season is in the process of melting and we're getting heavy rain on top of it. 

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