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  1. About Overlord...I love it but it feels like it is lacking the 'game' aspect of it. Don't get me wrong, the New World is not a game but I am expecting some sort of feel that Ainz is still living in a game. I want him to encounter at least one player from YGGDRASIL (or maybe from a totally different game) and not just some small flashback scenes. Atm, I believe if Overlord didn't have anything to do with YGGDRASIL, it would still be the same. To sum up, I'd like to see more YGGDRASIL stuff (players, lore, areas etc) in Overlord not just 'levels and a few OP items/skills', but yeah, I just want
  2. I don't really do reviews on MAL (I just give star ratings), however if i was reviewing an anime or a manga, I would finish it first then review it. I will not give an anime a review if i dropped it because it would be too biased and can put off many potential viewers. I would only go to reddit, see a thread that has the anime's episode discussion and give my take on it. Personally, reviewers should give a review once they have finished the last episode of the anime or read all the chapters of the manga. I don't know about MAL's review system but I think it lets people edit their review?
  3. Nice drawing ^^ However, if you really want to improve your drawing skills, try drawing real life objects/people. I know most artists says this but it really comes down to practice and whats better than learning off a reference I would suggest using a reference instead of creating your own OC (Original Character) and practice the perspective/proportions ^^. Here are two illustrations my cousin did using Photoshop: The first pic was from 2016 i believe and the other pic was from late 2017 (He stopped practicing for a while due to studies). He told me that he is laying off on anime/ma
  4. Hmm...I don't know if it fits to your liking but here are some: Drifters Hellsing Jormungand Gintama Hope it helps ^^
  5. Sakurasou no Pet na Kanojo Yahari Ore no Seishun... (as Neptvne wrote) Toradora Shigatsu wa Kimi Uso I'm not really into Romance but here are some that I can remember at the top of my head that I have watched (recommend) or my friends loved ^^
  6. I'm currently rewatching Ballroom e Youkoso (love the music and plot ^^) and OniAi (nostalgic reasons and the fanservice heh). That's pretty much it, there are too many good animes in this season so it can be overwhelming to rewatch finished + ongoing animes at the same time.
  7. Thank you for the warm welcome . A beautiful character in my perspective, is the physical look of the character (personality comes second lol), even if she is an antagonist I'll still like her because of her looks. Idk why but as soon as I see a beautiful female character, my instincts says, "I hope nothing happens to her". Sorry about being harsh on 'ugly' characters, i see them as 'they let themselves go' if you know what I mean lol. Instinctively, I don't feel anything when something happens to them, that's why I thought that 'I don't care' about them. I can see why the straight female
  8. Thank you , yes i do believe we humans get too attached to characters which subsequently make us more vulnerable to feeling sad when something bad happens to them. For instance, animes like Akame Ga Kill and Juuni Taisen, even though their character development werent that in depth, I still get attached to them after knowing what they have experienced (I had to keep pausing every time a character i like dies...sad T_T). Hehe true, fanworks/fanart do help me feel better but knowing that it isn't official still makes me a bit depressed...
  9. Thank you , yes, I too like stuff staying the same or even better. I'm also with you on the feeling of having lost something, I guess being possessive can have negative effects on the person ;/
  10. Looking for yuri/shoujo ai mangas that has a tsundere girl. Preferably with a sadistic/teasing girl, meaning she will constantly tease the tsundere character which will try to resist. It can be nsfw (hentai) or not. Also, no gore, vore etc of that kind (keep it a bit clean lol) and definitely no NTR unless it is a good one (had to drop Netsuzou Trap). mangas that i read so far: citrus, Zenryaku, Yuri no Sono yori, hana to hoshi, blue drop and touch me NSFW mangas that i read: Slave proclamation, nao kichi, Bishoujo Vampire ni Bonyuu Drink Bar ni Sareru Hanashi and the usual
  11. Hey guys, this is my first post. As the title states, i always have this problem: whenever I see a beautiful female character die or lose her beauty in an anime/manga, i get depressed. Therefore, i want to know if anyone has experienced this and if so, how did you overcome it. idk why but hurts to see it, I keep telling myself, "its not real, its just an anime/manga" or "she is human, she will get old and lose her beauty eventually" , but its not working for me. Having this problem made me unable to continue an anime series, to name a few; overlord, blood C and Sekirei. This does not appl
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