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  1. Estatia

    SAO - Sword Art Online

    Was a lot of fun!! Make more questions!
  2. Estatia


    ^ I hope I see you on the forums!!
  3. Estatia


    Welcome!! I hope we can be good friends on the site!!
  4. Estatia

    Tokyo Ghoul:re ?s

    Yes, I watch funimation and I just checked so unless you watch a different site, well i think all the sites release at the same time or on the same day... Anyway unless something happens to stop a new Ep. from coming out it should be every Tuesday...
  5. Estatia

    Neeeed new stuff desperately

    No, the list I provided I got from a thread created before your thread this a link to it...
  6. Estatia

    Neeeed new stuff desperately

    I highly recomend making a list early on or emediantly you will want one later on... Anyway here is an interesting list I seen on a thread created by @Greeneyes that have a lot of good shows! Aesthetica of a Rogue Hero - Action, OP MC Akame Ga Kill - Action, Rebellion against government, Magic-ish Akashic Records of Bastard Magical Instructor - Action, Fantasy, Magic Alderamin on the Sky - Action, Fantasy, Magic, OP MC Mentally Alice & Zoroku - Slice of Life, Grandpa and superpowered Girl And You Thought There Never Is a Girl Online? - Slice of Life, Gaming A Sisters All You Need - Slice of Life, Little sister lover and writer goal to get a anime made Assassination Classroom - OP MC, tentacles, Assassination, School Attack on Titan - Action, Action, Apocalypses, Death, Human vs Titans(Giant Zombies) Blood Lad - OP MC, Magic, Vampire Brothers Conflict - Romance, Reverse Herem Castle Town Dandelion - Magic/Superpower, Royal Family, Competition Charlotte - Superpowered kids, Chuunibyou - Super Otakus meets embarrassed otakus Citrus - Romance, Yuri, Sisters Classroom of the Elite - Elite students Elite School Elite Problems Code Realize - Action, Poiseness girl with man who wants to save her, Industrial revolution London Danmachi - Action, Fantasy, Magic, OP MC sorta Darling In The Franxx - Action, Boy meets Girl, Mech, civilization leaves surface of earth because of monster take over Death March To The Parallel World Rhapsody - OP MC, Transported to another-world/game, loli herem Death Note - Psychological thriller, brainy, OP MC Mentally Death Parade - Uhh Can't think of a good description... First Love Monster - Dense AF boy Meets Girl but knows it.. Free Iwatobi Swim Club Eternal Summer - Slice of Life, Swim team wants to win.. Fullmetal Alchemist - Action, alchemy, brothers, government dictatorship corrupt Fuuka - Romance, boy meets girl, boy reconnects with childhood bf and love triangle Gabriel DropOut - Slice of life, loli angle goes to earth and finds out about video games and becomes a snob Grimgar of Fantasy and Ash - WATCH NO DESCRIPTION, TRANSPORTED TO ANOTHER WORLD Handa-kun - Slice of life, boy is DENSE AF, school Hellsing Ultimate - Vampire... Bloody Hyouka - Mystery, problem solving, OP MC Mentally Hyperdimension Neptunia - Fantasy, Goddessess Interviews With Monster Girls - slice of life, monsters are real! Is - Mech, all girls school with 1 boy Izetta the Last Witch - action, witch interferes with the worlds wars and is stopped by Micheal the angle Juni Taisen Zodiac War - Action, Deathmatch with superpowers Kaze No Stigma - OP MC, Magic Kino's Journey - Slice of life, adventure, boy or girl(never found out...) journeys the world Kiss Him Not Me - Romance, Reverse harem K- K-project - Superpower kings, modern times Knight's & Magic - title says it oh Mech K-on - Music slice of life Log Horizon - transported to another world/game Lord Marksman and Vanadis - Fantasy, magic, OP MC Love Is Like a Cocktail - short 5 min Eps Love Live School Idol Project - Slice fo life, music Love Live Sunshine - Slice fo life, music Lucky Stars - Slice of life, highschool otaku girl(s) Masamune-kun's Revenge - Romance-Revenge Mikagura School Suite - Yuri, Superpower Miss Kobayashi's Dragon Maid - Title says it My Little Monster - uhh Romance? I cant explane New Game! - Slice of life, girls make a game! No Game No Life - Transported to another world, OP MC Noragami - god meets girl No-rin - Slice of life, pop idol meets fan One Punch Man - OP OP OP OP OP MC Outbreak Company - Transported to another world, teaching anime to other worlds people Plastic Memories - Sad Slice of life, beware Re:creators - Action, transported to another world Reversed, anime characters becomes real Recovery of an Mmo Junky - gamer meets gamer and like each other Restaurant to Another World - Food if you like to watch food watch this... Saga of Tanya the Evil - Fantasy, Magic, God, OP MC, Crazy, Reincarnation/Transported to another world, War Seiyu's Life - Slice of life, life of a voice actor Seraph of the End - OP MC, Vampire, Apocalypses Seven Deadly Sins - OP OP OP OP MC, Fantasy, Magic, Kingdom Corruption Sky Wizard Academy - OP MC, Fantasy, civilization vs monsters Snow White With the Red Hair - Romance, prince meets girl Sword Art Online - Fantasy, magic, OP MC, transported to another world/game, Romance Tales of Zestiria the x - OP MC, Evil vs good, Excalibur fable basicly The Ancient Magus Bride - Action/Slice of life, Magic, girl meets monster, Romance-ish The Devil Is a Part Timer - Transported to another world, Devil MC, OP MC, McDonald Worker The Disastrous Life of Saiki k - OP OP OP MC, Saikik MC, SLice of Life The Future Diary - Crazy physiological DeathMatch The Irregular at Magic High School - OP MC, little sister, School, Magic, Modern The Royal Tutor - Slice of life, title says it The Sacred Blacksmith - Action, boy meets girl, uhhh not much else Tokyo Ghoul - Action, boy turns bad, Trinity Seven - OP MC, magic, harem-ish Ultimate Otaku Teacher - Title says it, Slice of life Uq Holder - Immortal strong MC World Break - harem, action, reincarnate, magic, OP MC Worldend - OP MC, Last of Humans, Magic Yozakura Quartet: Hana No Uta - Superpower, action modern time Yuri On Ice - Boy meet boy slice of life, ice skating, Romance
  7. Estatia

    Why Continue?

    When I watch curtain anime I start to question my life based off of what is going on, like in a anime an MC is portrayed to come out on top in Romance, Action or Fantasy.... But What about in the real world? In the real world everyone is the MC so who comes out on top.... When I think about it I feel to small to make a wave in the ocean of people.... But not being able to does not mean I don't want to but it does mean I think I can't... I wonder why do we continue with our lives when ultimately we don't have any real goals, for instance... You say your goal is to get a medal what do you do after you get your medal nothing changed from you getting it... You say your gonna start to workout to get in shape. Why, whats the point when if you didn't you can indulge yourself more with little affect... Why, is there a reason to continue when a goal you set leads to nothing more... When you feel like your life doesn't mean anything... Anyway just got done watching a bunch of sad anime and these where what came to mind afterwords nothing to serious, right?
  8. Estatia

    Idea - anime identification section?

    A what? What do you mean?
  9. Estatia

    Tokyo Ghoul:re - Episode Discussion

    I have watched 2 Eps. and I understand the underwhelming feeling however the second Ep. loss of control was pretty interesting and the show up of the new coffee shop and that girl, I feel like it will be a internal battle for his memories and/or people trying to bring him back but who knows I am still gonna watch with some high hopes in mind!
  10. You never know.... It's a big world..
  11. Estatia

    Girls Und Panzer

    I don't expect because I don't watch trailers but I guess that would be a better idea for getting into anime....
  12. Estatia

    Girls Und Panzer

    I'm not done with the series and I'm not saying its bad but it was like taking a bite of watermelon and tasting mayonnaise with the texture of peanut butter....
  13. Estatia

    I'm back!

    I just got done ranting on Girls Und Panzer and your profile pic.... Well a coincidence? I THINK NOT!!!
  14. Estatia

    Girls Und Panzer

    Ok........... Well...... I just watched 3 Eps. and........ I can't put this a good way, ITS REALLY WEIRD... Anyone else kinda think that? Like "Boys in tanks, thats backwords" REALLY THEY SAID THIS IN THE ANIME LIKE WTF YOU DRIVE TANKS ON A SHIP & SHOOT LIVE AMMO ROUNDS AT EACH OTHER FOR FUN?!?!? YOU DRIVE WITHIN HIGH-FIVING DISTANCE OF OTHER PEOPLE BEING SHOT AT WTF?!?!?!?! So yeah just wanted to voice my opinion like how is this logical at all? I mean to get a full anime adaptation you think the anime has to at least make a slight amount o sense.... I mean the MC talks about not wanting to do tankery so bad and bam 30 seconds of confrontation with someone who wants her to shes like ok ill do it....This anime isn't just weird is down right backwards...
  15. Estatia

    Will this be the best season?

    As for SAO I have no clue why people hate it, however I hope you watch it and give feedback on how you feel! And Black Clover I understand what you mean by disappointing but there was planned to be like 50 some Ep. so under that pretext I think they might be planning something for the show or at least I hope! I hope we aren't disappointed! I hate waiting!!!!! Give me a watch to manipulate time please!!!
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