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  1. The last thing you ate/drank

    Kit Kat SOO GOOD!
  2. King_Sama

    Ok... Welcome King-sama
  3. My Artwork

    Soo cool I wish I could draw as good as you but as they say practice makes perfect!
  4. Can you figure it out?c For the prize?

    I'm sorry I should have clarified the solution a problem like this has two answers the ones are: x^2(this is x squared) X^2+5x-36, x=4 x=-9 I will make that is more clear: Find the x and y intercept(s) with the equation y=x^2+17+72
  5. Can you figure it out?c For the prize?

    Sorry incorrect
  6. Now that you figured this part out the next part is a math problem solve it and you get 10 points! Give me the answer with this color code(hex) #202020 so no one else can understand.. Here is the problem (x-4)(x+9)
  7. Ask Optic

    Do you consider yourself a good coder?
  8. Reccs for a somewhat noob

    Ehh Death note and dark Code Geass first thing I'll get back to you if I think of anything!
  9. Corutani

    Welcome!!! I love your picture it looks awesome!!! Please make more!!
  10. I need help to find an anime I saw years ago.

    Lol your welcome I only seen the first Ep. along time ago and I don't think I actually I seen the whole thing just up to the blue flames part... Luck I guess!
  11. I need help to find an anime I saw years ago.

    Shakugan no Shana?
  12. Expressions of Interest: Graphic Designers

    I can't tonight but I'll try to make something tomorrow and see how it turns out and than respond if i think it comes close! Are you looking for something new or?.. And what size? So I can give it a shot. I made this not what I was going for, well I wasn't really going for anything just playing around..
  13. This quote is from KuroSensei!
  14. I don't read to much manga but I would like to know your favorites so I could maybe try them out!
  15. Hot Chocolate or Chocolate Milk?

    What do you like more!!! Hot Chocolate or Chocolate Milk!??!?! Me personally I like Chocolate milk better its the BEST!
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