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  1. RP is fun the only downside is most pc games are expensive or have a big flaw and irl u need a solid amount of ppl at 1 place
  2. So I have watched the anime series but I want t watch the movies but I dont know the order to watch them
  3. My favorite OST's are Attack on titan season 1 Ep. 1 and Sword art online season Ep. 1
  4. I recommend Grimgar of Fantasy and Ash!! Its a really good transported to another world!
  5. Discords cool for fast communication but I like forums just as much because you can gather information and ask questions and have it stay out longer and for more people to see!
  6. mmmmm yummy cake!!! I want more!!! GIVE ME THE CAKES
  7. Lookin around... BOOM

    Was a lot of fun!! Make more questions!
  8. ^ I hope I see you on the forums!!
  9. Yes, I watch funimation and I just checked so unless you watch a different site, well i think all the sites release at the same time or on the same day... Anyway unless something happens to stop a new Ep. from coming out it should be every Tuesday...
  10. No, the list I provided I got from a thread created before your thread this a link to it...
  11. I highly recomend making a list early on or emediantly you will want one later on... Anyway here is an interesting list I seen on a thread created by @Greeneyes that have a lot of good shows! Aesthetica of a Rogue Hero - Action, OP MC Akame Ga Kill - Action, Rebellion against government, Magic-ish Akashic Records of Bastard Magical Instructor - Action, Fantasy, Magic Alderamin on the Sky - Action, Fantasy, Magic, OP MC Mentally Alice & Zoroku - Slice of Life, Grandpa and superpowered Girl And You Thought There Never Is a Girl Online? - Slice of Life, Gaming
  12. When I watch curtain anime I start to question my life based off of what is going on, like in a anime an MC is portrayed to come out on top in Romance, Action or Fantasy.... But What about in the real world? In the real world everyone is the MC so who comes out on top.... When I think about it I feel to small to make a wave in the ocean of people.... But not being able to does not mean I don't want to but it does mean I think I can't... I wonder why do we continue with our lives when ultimately we don't have any real goals, for instance... You say your goal is to get a medal what do you do aft
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