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    Don't really have a favorite anime. Every anime I've watched is special in its own way, expect for Bleach...Bleach sucks.


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  1. Kohloo, if you suddenly became a thousandaire which manga would you buy out of the ones you've read in the library?
  2. Oh man this question just hit me with a wave nostalgia. The first manga series I ever bought was Dragonaball, don't remember the issue it was but it basically covered from when when future Trunks defeated Frieza, I was probably 10 years old. At the time manga in the school was very limited, and we only had dragonball, everyone had to be on a borrowing list. I remember the teacher had to scribble out any panel that showed Kid Goku's penis lol. I was very shy, timid kid and always hated asking my mom for stuff so one Christmas eve I took the bus by myself to the local mall and wi
  3. I use to play violin in high school, I miss it so much. Watching K-On and reading Nodame Cantabile actually inspired me to join orchestra back then but we really sucked lol. I have a guitar and keyboard but I never set a time to learn how to play them properly. Learning a new instrument takes so much discipline >.<
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