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  1. Ahhhhhhh, ok. I was hoping to help new users identify anime by either a picture, lyrics, or song title. But I guess it already exists as Recommendations and Identify...
  2. Who agrees with me that we should start an anime identification section?
  3. Tokyo ghoul season 3 is Tokyo Ghoul: re, is it not? I preferred the ghoul side of things such as Aogiri tree and Kaneki. I liked the Aogiri tree side because it was a lot more thought-provoking what with all the gore and Kaneki wanting to become stronger. I can't wait until they make another season focusing on Aogiri tree/Kaneki.
  4. A hyper beast butterfly knife (dulled).
  5. Wow! Thank you guys so much!! Either way, I'll definitely check out both anime :DDD Guys, I'm sorry but both anime you gave me did not match the opening. Even though both anime seem to interesting (Mekakucity and Blend), I would really like to know what anime it is that is in the posted time script. Thank you very much in advance!!
  6. Please help me I am trying to find this anime by locating its theme song. it would be very helpful if someone could identify the song played at 4:40.
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