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  1. Thesis got me going overtime today :( no Anime/Manga day huhuhu

  2. I have an Anime Pictures Collection no *hentai* tho
  3. Since its probably gonna take to long to type it all in im just gonna post screen- captures of the things that I have in my "Otaku Archive" lols Ps: It's mostly Light Novels since its not much of a hassle finding Epubs for certain things online PPs: Just wanted to share this collection I do not promote piracy PPPs: I have some stuff that I've read/watched online so its not a complete list but atleast 85% of it is there PPPPs: if you need certain volumes or chapters of things feeeeel free to chat me up I'll try to do the best I can to help you!
  4. Oh my ghad so many probably gonna make a list for the stuff that I have finished thanks for the suggestions! Thank you suggesting these! I'll probably start with Kareshi Kanojo! I made that list you suggested although i wouldnt exactly call it a list since its just a bunch of Screen captures but it depicts the things that I have read/watched https://animeforums.net/topic/4645-my-animemangalightnovel-list/
  5. I've read and watched tons of stuff from long running shows to seasonal Anime. from 50 volume series to oneshots recently tho I've hit quite a small blunder and that is I'm running out of shows to watch, and running out of stuff to read so if you dont mind recommending stuff that would be great it can be anything Genres I like: Shounen, Romancee, Comedy, Slice of life, Mystery, Long running title's ps: would have added my anime and manga list but its to tedious for me to type them all Thanks
  6. Hello! Hi! I'm Agares-kun but you can call me Josh lol Welcome to the Forums btw I hope we can chat sometime about the things that we like lol If you neeeeeed recommendations or anything just let me know
  7. I'm back although probably no one will remember who I am lol but yes I'm back with more stuff Finished :o

    Been reading TONS of Manga and watching TONS of Anime.

    So yeah feel free to Message me here or on discord! much love

    Discord User: Joshuawaaw#6067

    1. Viper


      Welcome back 

  8. Thanks I'll do that once I finish reading boku no hero
  9. Is it really that long... hahaha I get addicted to reading and finishing plot lines so I tend to finish a Series in one go lol. Hope to get some recommendations from you in the Future! again thanks for having me!
  10. Listening to Ed sheeran and Sam smith's songs while reading romcom's are heaven for the feels

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    2. RyePotatoes


      Have you heard too good at goodbye by Sam Smith? I really find it catchy and it's another sad song. As usual :D

    3. Agares


      OMG yes I've heard it and it brought me to tears :( the music industry is back now that sam smith has returned!!

    4. RyePotatoes


      I agree! Wahhh, I've been singing it a lot lately. Goshhh!

  11. probably when alibaba died in magi only to find out that he isn't it made me cry of laughter lol HAHAHA
  12. Well the harem genre can also be liked by girls with the right blending of plot and story I can see girls liking it too lol
  13. Nice to meet you AF-san! . I haven't plunged into that rabbit hole called reverse harem yet but if you like some nice harem's tho I definitly recommend Nisekoi or Oregairu definitly check these to out! and also Saekano. Looking forward to a great friendship between me and you!
  14. Forgot Kimi no na wa and koe no kotachi lol
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