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  1. I've always wanted to do something like this, but I don't even know where to start... I can draw decent, and I'd like to contribute to the story if possible.
  2. I actually got the first volume of the manga last year but never got around to reading it, the art style is a bit off-putting to me. The concept is really what interested me, in a similar vein as Pupa, but I doubt this will betray my expectations like that did.
  3. I've heard of it but doesn't look like something I'd particularly enjoy, maybe someday though. Night on the Galactic Railroad
  4. I haven't touched most of the popular shounen shows that were gateway series for a lot of anime fans. I'd formed negative preconceptions about series like Yu-Gi-Oh! based on advertising, where all you ever see is Yami-Yugi. I'm now reading the manga and watching Duel Monsters, and I'm enjoying it. I do plan on giving the other shows a chance (currently watching Dragon Ball), they're just not at the top of my list right now. It seems like there's a million ways people recommend watching Fate anime. UBW is a separate route though, and in my opinion unless you plan to read the visual novel it doesn't really matter. The 2006 series has elements from all three routes, so that might even spoil the Heaven's Feel movies for you.
  5. I went deer hunting the year I turned sixteen, because my dad goes hunting every year and wanted me to try it. Most of it was just waiting in the cold for hours for something to show up. When my dad did get one, he ended up shooting it in the gut... helping him gut that deer was one of the few times in my life a smell brought me close to getting sick. In the end it's just not how I want to spend my weekend. Fishing I'd be more open to since I could go in the summer, though I haven't gone in the last ten years or more.
  6. Sana and Akito from Kodocha. They're so different but complement each other so well because of it.
  7. Growing older used to hold a lot more significance than it does now. I always had this incomprehensible idea of what makes an adult, so it took a while to realize that growing older doesn't really result in some profound transformation I've grown up believing in. I've become a different person than I was, but of course not in the way I would've anticipated. On the bright side getting older comes with more exp which would hopefully give one more patience and goodwill.
  8. A Pokémon OC I made (this may have been in the old CC). But seeing this thread has inspired me; I need to start drawing again.
  9. I can't stand to have one part without the other. I usually eat double stuf dipped in milk so the part of the cookie I dipped almost falls off from oversaturation. Recently I felt like spreading some crunchy peanut butter in between on a whim, and it's just as good as I expected.
  10. Hey your a badass for acing 100 on that Fooly Cooly quiz. I'll be making more in the future so feel free to test them out. Also i noticed you took the Samurai Champloo quiz as well. Which questions did you miss? I made that quiz on a whim so i'm kinda curious.

    1. Dis


      That 2nd FLCL quiz was quite a step up; I'll have to check tomorrow which questions I got wrong though, I can't find my results on mobile.

    2. Dis


      Yeah the only question I really knew from the Samurai Champloo quiz is the name of Fuu's squirrel, the other two I got lucky with

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