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  1. You must have some favorite characters when you watch the anime,they may not be the protagonist,but their existence brings a lot of affect.When they is killed off,have you cried for them?I have cried for Ace from one piece once,he died for protecting Luffy...
  2. Anime body pillows are not only give you the fantasy of you being with that character lol but also its a great way to cuddle on your own especially because it's super soft.
  3. -Boku no hero academia s -Shingeki no bahamut Virgin soul -Zero Kara hajimeru Mahou no sho -Clockwork planet -Rokudenashi Majutsu Koushi to Akashic Records -Sakurada reset -Alice to Zouroku April is a busy month,I don't have enough time to watch anime. And now there are pretty much what I'm gonna be watching. What about you?Any recommendations?
  4. Madara from Natsume Yuujinchou,he is so humorous.
  5. Yes!! Cool to see another Kanna fan! :D The tiny yet enthusiastic "Oh!" is to die for xD

  6. Rem Rem Rem,compare with the long hair Rem,I prefer her in short hair 3
  7. Love your avatar! Kobayashi's Dragon Maid was easily my favorite anime from the last season. Kanna is great. :)

    1. Bellage


      Me too,she is so lovely :)

    2. zoop


      I need to read the manga sometime... I've heard nothing but good things about it \o/

  8. My sleep quality sucks before, but ever since I got my first dakimakura I learned how to sleep on my side and I sleep a lot better now because of it. Before I couldn't sleep on my side at all because I couldn't find a comfortable position for my arms or legs, but mostly my arms. I'd sometimes used to wake up with a sore or cramped arm because of my other arm or head was resting on it. I only have one but I am going to own is this one this month.Isn't she cute?
  9. Actually,a relationship will not disrupt my time to watch anime. My BF has no interest in anime,but It is a way for me to find some free space in this relationship. It is good I think.
  10. Zero kara Hajimeru Mahou no Sho just start
  11. Crunchyroll.com - Legal content (but Paid) Kissanime.com - Free anime PS: I use Kissanime.com. And for manga, a similar website is Kissmanga.com.
  12. I already have one dakimakura, the feeling of safety & softness is uncomparable and it is also very comfort to touch and sleep with. If you are worried about people finding your pillow you can always just hide it somewhere.
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