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  1. What are good servers on Discord for more mature people 25 and over? I don’t need those nsfw servers, just somewhere to have a nice banter and meet new people.
  2. Tv, tablet and an android box.
  3. Wallpaper on my tv and tablet Wallpaper on my desktop computer
  4. Bit cold these days, but not that bad. We had snow last month.
  5. I’m watching Release the spyce
  6. I’m feeling good. Just don’t have much new anime to watch, that’s a bit sad. Otherwise I’m doing fine.
  7. I’m watching The irregular at Magic High School.
  8. I’m watching KADO: The right answer. One of the best anime I’ve ever watched.
  9. I have just finished watching Everyday life with monster girls. Nice anime.
  10. I’m watching Problem children are coming from another world.
  11. I’m watching The clockwork planet. Great anime.
  12. I have watched all of it, but I have found The clockwork planet. So far it seems good.
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