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    Steins Gate, Chaos Head, Chaos Child, Great teacher Onizuka, Eromanga-Sensei, Miss Kobayashi ‘s dragon maid, Blend S, Anohana: the flower we saw that day, Oreimo, Hinako Note, Outbreak Company, Denpa Onna te seishun otako, Himouto Umaru-chan, New Game, Tu love Ru.
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  1. What Are You Watching Today?

    I’m watching Sora no otoshimono
  2. The last thing you ate/drank

    Oreo biscuits.
  3. What Are You Watching Today?

    Watching Trinity Seven. Very nice so far. Arin from Trinity Seven looks exactly like Akiho Kōsaka from My girlfriend is a shobitch. She behaves like Akiho too.
  4. What Are You Watching Today?

    I’m watching My girlfriend is Shobitch. It is ok to watch I guess. Nicely presented characters and lots of sexual innuendo, but the story itself is a bit boring which makes it harder to binge-watch.
  5. Are you learning a new language?

    English is my second language.
  6. What Are You Watching Today?

    I’m watching Fate/kaleid liner Prisma Illya.
  7. Anime - why is it so looked down upon?

    It’s about ignorance first. People think anime is either for children or “pervs who watch hentai”.and there is nothing in between. Those people never really tried to explore and watch anime to see what is all about, but their opinion is formed based on stereotypes and rumours rather than their own decision. Remember the time when people who used to listen to Punk music were all labelled as delinquents and scum?
  8. What's your first game you ever played?

    Various games on Commodore 64 and TV games back in the 80s. Some SuperNintendo , GameBoy and Sega in the 90s. The first game I ever played on a console was Super Mario Bros on Super Nintendo.
  9. Whats your gaming rig?

    I used to lay Wii, but now I’m too busy for gaming. I only play some mobile games every now and then.
  10. What Are You Watching Today?

    The second series of Rewrite was a bit higgledy piggledy, and the main characters were underused until the very end. Not really happy with the second series, but the first series was amazing. I’m watching Date a live. Looks promising so far.
  11. What Are You Watching Today?

    I’m watching Rewrite. Kagari is so cute.
  12. New to this site!

    Welcome and enjoy your stay.
  13. Favorite tsundere

    Kirino from Oreimo:
  14. Needing fresh material

    Kamisama Memochou Welcome to the NHK Kuragehime Anohana: The flower we saw that day Otaku Teacher GTO Great Teacher Onizuka Fuuka I cannot understand what my husband is saying Steins Gate Summer Wars Listen to me girls, I’m your father Blend S Oreimo 1 Oreimo 2 Accel World Dennou Coil Chaos Head Chaos Child The world God only knows 1,2,3 How to raise a boring girlfriend 1,2 Haganai Outbreak Company Miss Kobayashi’s dragon maid Hanasaku Ihora The pet girl of Sakurasou Denpa Onna to seishun otoko Hinako Note New Game Himouto! Umaru-chan Otaku no video Eromanga-Sensei Mayo Chiki!! Interviews with Monster girls To love Ru In another world with my Smartphone Eden of the East Charlotte Kore wa Zombie desu ka (Is this a Zombie?) some of my favourites.
  15. What Are You Watching Today?

    I’m watching “Is this a Zombie?”
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