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  1. @Humbby I told you what was bothering but then you won't even help me with my discussion then !!!!!!!!!!!!
  2. 凸 (`0´)凸凸 (`0´)凸凸 (`0´)凸!!!!!!!!!! !!!!!!!!!
  4. Will someone please discuss on my thread
  5. What is bothering me is an extra scene from the last ep of season 2 it is this character,who wears glasses,professes her feelings to the POV character and reacts surprised or something so I want to discuss about this because I can't understand it and I want to get to the bottom of it.Its an extra scene because it comes from the Blu Ray release of the anime someone please already!!!! explain!! I losing patience SOMEBODY DISCUSS ALREADY!!!!!!!!!!!!
  6. That's not what I mean and that is not what is bothering me at all you're missing the point
  7. Helloooo!!!!!!! somebody please discuss with me already!!!!!
  8. I did watch that too but there has been another season 2 and like I said there something particular I need to know about from the last ep from season 2
  9. Sorry but I want to a discussion about some particular scene in that bothers

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