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Potato Scribbles #1 : Writing



Writing is my favorite. Looking at different hand writings is a delight. Looking at a pen gradually lose its ink as a few words goes by resembles life. Every curve, every straight line, every stops and spaces will only become meaningful at the end of the paragraph.

Why do I write? I write simply because I love watching my pen touching the paper leaving marks as if claiming its territory. It's sometimes referred to as a talent but I looked at it as a past time spent between my soul and these different strokes on paper.

Every idea and plot some times cease running and somewhat feels shy to confront this wondering mind of a self-proclaimed writer. There are also times when ideas struck hard and these hands feels numb and can't keep up with the mind which resembles to a long awaited intercourse between the pen and paper. Every touch proclaims longing and desire to touch the familiar pages once again. 


P.S. These phrases actually just came to mind yesterday when I was supposed to write for my journal. I hope you like it. :) Constructive criticism is always accepted. :D 


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