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Anime that will make you rethink your life



So in my experience of watching anime I have been deemed a feels addict. I have been all over the battlefield that is anime. These are some of the titles I have seen that will make you think about things you never thought you would think about by the end of them.

1. Your Lie in April


Without spoiling anything, this anime is about a boy who plays piano and the things he needs to overcome to keep playing. The setting is amazing, the art is wonderful, and the story it tells is one that you will remember. By the end of this anime, you will have rolled through so many different emotions that you won’t no what you are doing any more. I Highly recommend Your Lie in April.

2. Say I Love You


Say I Love you is about an outcast girl who meets the most popular guy in school and he falls for her. At this point you are thinking greeaaaat, another romance anime, but this title is more than that. It tells the story of how an outcast is able to make new friends, build trust in others, and forge new relationships and feel things she has never felt before. This anime will take you on a 13 episode emotional roller coaster and leave you smiling at the end.

3. Love, Chunibyo & Other Delusions!


Love, Chunibyo & Other Delusions is a very light hearted anime that delves into some interesting topics to say the least. This anime starts off nice and easy and then brings you into the feels zone. You will laugh and cry with the characters and generally be glued to the screen. This anime will make you feel very happy at the end and it will also teach you some lessons, such as to accept people as they are.

And so ends this list. If you like this list and would like to see another please let me know. I had fun writing this and I would very much enjoy writing another. See ya!

Paladin Lunchmeat

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