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  1. Dattebayo! I loved it too, it was amazing! The plot and everything, was outstanding! Have you also played the game?
  2. =UZUMAKI=

    Dattebayo! -8

    Dattebayo! Hi guys! I have been watching anime more so, here it comes! ANIME STEINS GATE Genre: Time Travel, Romance Recommend it? YES Guys, this anime was fabulous, if you are interested in time travel, this anime is something outstanding. It's basically about a group of people who want to look beyond the time using D - mails and primitive time leaping machine. It's also very psychological and I should also mention that it is also has many funny moments. ANIME MOVIES DOUKYUUSEI GENRE: Yc, HS Recommend it? YES A cute love story about two HS boys. The story is very sweet a adorable. It has also a very unique art! MANGA I have read so many mangas I will write them some other time Sorry.
  3. Dattebayo! I loved it too... it was great!
  4. =UZUMAKI=

    Dattebayo! -7

    Dattebayo! I will go straight to work ANIME KOI TO USO Recommend it? Genre: HS, Romance This anime is about a boy who has a big crush on a girl since elementary school. But the most surprising thing is that she had a crush on him too (I call that imagination in real life btw), but they can't be together because the government has assigned him to his potential wife. Anyway he ends up falling in love with her too and it gets complicated, but at the end, they didn't show how it ended.. will he marry his assigned wife or go through hell to be with his elementary school crush? MANGA HINEKURE CHASER Recommend it? YES Genre: Yh, C, HS A cute boy chases after a seme KORE WA KITTO YUME NO NAKA NO KISS Recommend it? YES Genre: Yh, C Cute yaoi Artist x server KARE NO SHOUSOU TO KOI NI TSUITE Recommend it? YES Genre: Yh, J A meeting in a park led to a beautiful relationship... AA BOCCHAMA...! Recommend it? YES Genre: Yh, J About two guys who were given a goal: Make 1 000 000 Yen. Ended up that young master fell in love with his servant... BOKU O WARUI KO NI SHITE Recommend it? YES Genre: Yh, HS After few pages, a timid boy gets "ambushed" by a very handsome guy... MOTOYAN PAPA TO HITSUJI Recommend it? YES Genre: Yc, HS A single father (with a cute kid) falls in love with his son's teacher CASTE HEAVEN Recommend it? YES Genre: Yc, HS About an insane school system, there is also a lot of bullying. It is a recommendation from my fujoshi friend KANGOKU JIKKEN Recommend it? YES Genre: Horror (H), HS, Murders (M) For people who are tired of yaoi, I accidentally clicked on a different genre this time hahahaha.... A guy who is bullied at school gets to get revenge on his bully. The story is frightening sometimes but I was determined to read it to the end. _____________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________ Where are the colors? I can't find them! Anyway, Besides anime, I have also a school life. I was wondering about how stupid is education system in Czech schools... School system works like this: You go to school at the age of 7, when you are in 5th grade you can either choose to stay at your current school or go to GYMNAZIUM which is a bit advanced school and you can go straight to college because you go there for 8 years after that you can go and work in McDonald's or go to college, then there is 7th grade you can choose to go to gymnazium (for 6 years) or stay at your current place, and then there is the 9th grade where you must leave school and you must choose a school this time. You have 3 options : Go to gymnazium (4 years) and learn all the subjects from middle school deeper (which is a pain honestly) OR go to STREDNI SKOLA and you can do what you have always wanted (you don't have many options, and if what you like doesn't have special stredni skola, it's bad because you have to go to college abd learn it there - my situation) OR there is another option, there is also a type of HS called "učňák", where not very bright people go, they usually fail subjects etc. they can become nurses, hairdressers or makeup artists. These all 3 categories of HS. Everyone must go somewhere because they have to leave middle school. Anyway, after the end of these schools, there is a big exam, MATURITA, this exam includes Czech, literature (Indian Czech, Persian, Chinese etc.), and Math + subjects you want. If you don't pass these exams, you can say goodbye to your college life. Then exams to college which difficult as f., I guess I won't understand why I need to go through all this just to get to a stupid college.
  5. Dattebayo! You are right! I have watched them and they are amazing!
  6. =UZUMAKI=

    Dattebayo! -6

    Dattebayo! I'm still keeping my anime nights so I can keep up with the rest of you who watch anime! ANIME MIRAI NIKKI Recommend it? YES Genre: Romance, Action, Time travel, Gods, Killing This anime was great! It might be confusing from the romantic perspective, but it was very unique! My friend recommended to me saying that "it is the best anime I have watched" (You have to also consider that she hasn't watched many animes so I was curious what is so great about it). There was a lot of fighting deaths (diaries) and of course many corpses (lol). Recommendation: Use headphones while watching it, my mom caught me and I had a lot to explain why I am watching anime where everyone yells from pain. To be honest, I'm not into this kind of yandere characters stuff but it still was great! So 4.5 stars for me! YOUR LIE IN APRIL Recommend it? YES Genre: Romance, Tragedy, Comedy, Music I finally got to watch it! This anime was so touching! It all starts with a lie (in April) and it gets interesting each episode. A boy with uncurable curse can't hear notes he used play on a piano, but suddenly world gets colorful at the moment he meets the love of his life. I don't want to spoil it because it is worth watching even if you are not interested in music. Reminds me also of an anime called "kids on the slope", which also worth watching. 5 stars for me! MANGA YAMADA TO SHOUNEN Recommend it?: YES Genre: Yc + h, HS So yaoi again! I loved it especially the art. This person called Oji - san (lol) saves a guy who has collapsed. This guy falls in love with his savior and it takes some time before they start going out, story and idea are good! Highly recommend it! 5 Stars for me! I started to watch KOI TO USO! I hope it's going to be good!
  7. Dattebayo! I can right now conversate with 4 languages. I am now learning Japanese. After learning their alphabets, I started learning Chinese characters (because they are the same in Japanese). Basically Japanese has the easiest grammar I have ever encountered so I guess you can start now! Because in HS, you won't have any time for learning a new language so you should start now. For learning Japanese letters I recommend Kanji Study and for a translator I recommend Jsho. But handling so many languages is hard so, good luck!
  8. =UZUMAKI=

    Dattebayo! -5

    Dattebayo! I forgot to mention the anime I watched before Nanbaka so here it is! ANIME NODAME CANTABILE If you love classical music this anime is made just for you. It's similar to Kids on the Slope. You might not like the art but the detailed work of the artist will blow your mind by that I mean it is focused on the finger movements during piano plays. And if you are looking for a romance too this is it! I recommend it! MONTHLY GIRL NOZAKI - KUN Very kawaii! It is about a girl who has a one-sided crush on a tall clueless mangaka guy. The story is evolving nicely because it's not about only one pair but even 2 other lovebirds. Recommend it if you are looking for this kind of anime! MANGA I didn't upload manga lately because my app just didn't let me read anything but I solved it! SORE O KOIGOKORO TO YOBU NO NARA Genre: Yc, HS Again, yaoi (lol), I admit it, it's weird. It's about a guy who falls in love with other guy's face and calls him an angel. But that guy is homophobic so it gets complicated. I don't want to spoil anything so it's up to you to find out. Art and everything is amazing. Started to watch Mirai Nikki I hope it ends well!
  9. =UZUMAKI=

    Dattebayo! -4

    Dattebayo! I was busy with school, but I still keep my anime night life. ANIME NANBAKA This anime is one of the best. The art especially! Everyone has a unique style of hair. The story begins in a prison and it's abot 4 boys who always try to escape and have fun making their guard angry. I recommend it! Genre: Comedy Photo: Credit goes to the creator
  10. =UZUMAKI=

    Dattebayo! -3

    Dattebayo! ANIME I started a new anime called Kore wa zombie desu ka? (Is this a zombie?) IS THIS A ZOMBIE? I like it! Story is very interesting reminds me of an anime called My bride is a mermaid (because of the way the main character acts). It is simply about a guy who turned into a zombie thanks to a girl that he met in front of convenience store. The story gets crazy each episode. I would identify this story as comedy, romance and fantasy. If you are looking for a comedy this is the right thing! MANGA SOREKARA, KIMI O KANGAERU Genre: Yc/d, HS This manga has 3 different stories. Each of them is really interesting and they differ from the other regular yaoi manga. I recommend it! Art in this manga is super cool too! First two stories' genre is Yc and the last story's genre is Yd. I won't talk about it too much so I won't spoil anything for you!
  11. Dattebayo! I have watched 1., 4. and 5. they are all amazing!
  12. =UZUMAKI=

    Dattebayo! -2

    Dattebayo! Hello guys! Here is my other report. I finally finished watching Tokyo Ghoul. TOKYO GHOUL Amazing. It is almost like Attack on Titan, because of the cannibalism. Characters except Kaneki weren't developing. For example their looks or anything else, but it still was an amazing anime. Scenes weren't THAT brutal (says a person who plays Mortal Kombat), but hypthatically if ghouls would exist Sui Ishida's creation would be spot on. On whose side I was? I was pretty neutral about this thing, but both sides had their own bugs, but ghouls had no options to choose from - kill or be killed (rather die of starvation). I think if it had been based on Kira's philosophy the officers would take a different perspective on this ghoul case. Anyway, I recommend this anime and this is one the MUST WATCH so check it out! ANIME MY ANIME LIST POKEMON YUMEIRO PATISSERIE MERMAID PRINCESS KIMINI NO TODOKE KAICHOU WA MAID SAMA CHEER DANSHI KIDS ON THE SLOPE YAMADA AND SEVEN WITCHES ASU NO YOICHI NYAN KOI RAKUDAI KISHI NO CALAVARY CHAOS HEAD ORANGE TONARI NO KAIBUTSU KUN MY SELF, YOURSELF PRINCE OF THE STRIDE SHOUNEN MAID BOKURA WA MINNA BLOOD LAD NIJIIRO DAYS FREE! IWATOBI SWIM CLUB KYOUKAI NO KANATA CODE BREAKER BROTHER'S CONFLICT MAGIC KYUUN: RENAISSANCE AO HARU RIDE CHIHAYA FURU BRYNHILDR IN THE DARKNESS MEDAKA BOX MY BRIDE IS A MERMAID KISS HIM NOT ME THE PERFECT TWO WOLF GIRL & BLACK PRINCE MASAMUNE KUN NO REVENGE MM! OWARI NO SERAPH ANO NATSU DE MATTERU YURII!!! ON ICE A DARK RABBIT HAS SEVEN LIVES BABY STEPS DEARS SNOW WHITE WITH RED HAIR BARAKAMON OTOME WA BOKU NI KOISHITERU FUTARI NO ELDER TOKYO RAVENS LOVE STAGE SUPER LOVERS SAKAMOTO DESU GA YUUSHIBU DIABOLIK LOVERS ROSARIO + VAMPIRE I CAN'T UNDERSTAND WHAT IS MY HUSBAND SAYING OURAN HSHC YONA THE PRINCESS OF DAWN GRAVITATION MY WIFE IS A HIGHSCHOOL GIRL GAKUEN HEAVEN GIRL BEATS BOYS BEELZEBUB CLANNAD ONE PUNCH MAN I MY, ME - STRAWBEERY EGG KUZU NO HONKAI TODAY WE START OUR LOVE B GATA H KEI FUUKA NARUTO NARUTO SHIPPUDEN SKIP BEAT SEKAIICHI HATSUKOI PRISON SCHOOL ORENCHI NO FURO JIJOU FUDANSHI KOUKOU SEIKATSU HITORIJIME MY HERO SERVANT X SERVICE DANCE WITH DEVILS KEPPEKI DANSHI AOYAMA KUN ZERO NO TSUKAIMA NORAGAMI DEATH NOTE ASSASSINATION CLASSROOM ATTACK ON TITAN TOKYO GHOUL __________ __________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________ MANGA CATEGORIES I- illness (+d- disability) C- Comedy S- Sport Tr- Tragic O- Other T- Time travel HS- High school J- Job R- Romance (no yaoi) (+c- cute, +h- hentai) Y- Yaoi (+c- cute, +h- hentai) F- Fighting (+s- swords, +m- magic, +n- ninja, +g- gang) Sf- Sci- fi LOVE LESSON Category: Yc ( Yaoi cute - not hentai) It is about 2 celebrities. Mineyuki is an actor and he wants to help his friend Ayami (also an actor) to be as best as possible in a romance movie. Mineyuki pretends to be his girlfriend, but he is secrtely in love with him.Shortly said: They will end up hiding their relationship from media and live toghter happily. Artist : Chidori (PEKO) SOFURE BUKA Yh, J (Yaoi hentai, job) It is about a person can't sleep getting a sleep-buddy. They end up falling in love. MY MANGA LIST GREEN=RECOMMENDATIONS 1. WOTAKU NI KOI WA - Rc, O, J 2. HAPPY IF YOU DIED - Rc, T, J 3. MOTHER'S SPIRIT - Yc, HS, I 4. 3D KANOJO - Rc, HS, I 5. COLORFUL LINE - Yc, HS 6. 19 DAYS - Yc, HS 7. HELLO AGAIN - Yc, HS 8. KIMI WA NATSU NO NAKA - Yc, HS 9. KOI NI MO NARANAI - Yc, HS 10. PEACH LOVE - Yh, HS, Fg 11. HIDAMARI GA KIKOERU - Yc, HS, J, Id 12. HANA RAI - Yh/c 13. JACKASS - Yh 14. FOR YOUR LOVE- Yc 15. OSANANAJIMI GA DO M DE TSUNDERE NAN DESU GA - Yh/c 16. AKAI ITO NO SHIKKOU YUUYO - Yh, HS 17. KIYONA YUBISAKI, BUKUYOMA TSUMASU - Yc, HS 18. AIMI NO YUME O MITE IRU - Yc, T 19.DOUNIMO NANNAI SOUSHI SOUAI - Yh, HS 20. OMAE ALLERGY - Yh, HS 21. OOKAMI PAPA WA HITSUJI TSURASHITTERU - Yc, J 22. NATSUMICHI DRIVE - Yh, HS+J 23. BOKURA GA KOI WO USHINAURIYUU - Yc 24. OISHIOKI DA YO, SHIBA - KUN - Yh, HS 25. SABISHIGARIYA WA YUME O MIRU - Yh, J 26. TSUKKIATE AGETE MO II M PAKARANEBAKA - Yh 27. KOI NI NARE - Yh, HS 28. WAKABARYOU DE, KIMI TO- Yc, HS 29. KOISURU BOUKUN- Yh, J, C 30. GREEN BOY- Rc, S, HS 31.ZUTTO KITTO- Yc, HS, S 32. KEEP OUT- Yc, J 33. HE LOVES ME- Rc, HS 34. LOVE LESSON- Yc, J 35. SOFURE BUKA - Yh, J
  13. =UZUMAKI=

    Dattebayo! -1

    Dattebayo! (Hi!) Tiny introduction! My anime history: I started watching anime since I was 10 and 1 year ago I started my anime regime. Few episodes a day (if I was able to of course) and few episodes at night, usually night anime marathons are over when my phone dies. This year I have watched over 80 animes and I don't regret the time I spent on it (even hours I should have been sleeping). My very first anime was Pokemon and I still have my cards (around 1000). Then Naruto untill today. I read manga usually shounen ai. My anime report today: I was ill these past few days and thanks to that I finished Attack on Titan. It was amazing! I am looking forward for Season 3! The only thing that I didn't like that the names weren't Japanese, but the characters are gorgeous. Since I have nothing to watch right now, I decided that I going to try Tokyo Ghoul and I am going to watch episode 4 today (at night). ANIME ATTACK ON TITAN I loved the idea of Hajime Isayama. It totally differs from the anime I have watched and it is very unique in my opinion. I heard that anime version has left some of the parts in manga so I decided that I going to read the manga too, but it's going to be a bit unconfortable reading the manga after watching the anime! I am going to write more about it when the whole series end. TOKYO GHOUL I have seen similar animes to Tokyo Ghoul, but I still loved the idea! I just started so I might write something later. I hope Sui Ishida's work will continue! MANGA KEEP OUT in my manga book it's category this is Yc (Yaoi cute - no hentai) and J (job - it concerns a work) It is about a bodyguard called Fuyuki who is always harassed by his boss Kagami. The story is interesting and very gripping. In the begining it's one sided but Fuyuki falls for him at the end. I hope Kisaragi Hirotaka nad Hichiwa Yuka will continue making good mangas!
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