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  1. I have a handful of friends that will watch anime with me if i ask them to and i know about 5 people that watch anime regularly but i wouldn't say we are friends. My mom's side of the family is really into anime though, I've been watching for as long as i can remember.
  2. Look up "Able To See Me by Hippie Sabotage"
  3. Misaki


    I'm not giving any straight up ideas (although i have some, i plan to use them to write my own stories eventually) however, when thinking of writing any type of story i would think about your favorite genre first (ex. drama) .. once you have that think of your favorite story/ movie/ book/ anime that was part of that genre. Watch/ read it again and figure out what drew you to it and try to incorporate that into what you write. Maybe it was an eerie feeling or a happy ending or a bit of romance or the snappiness of the dialogue, something that made the story feel complete. Then twist that idea as much as possible... make it as unique to yourself as you can so you can call it your own.... brainstorming characters is easier when you take traits from people in your life (ex. my bestfriend has short black hair and doesn't care what people think of her) and combat that with a character that has the traits of someone else you know who is somewhat of a polar opposite (ex. a friend of mine with long blonde hair who adheres to social standards) . Hope this helps. Good luck
  4. *Has nothing to do with anime but i was just bored, feedback is appreciated * FICTIONAL STORY I'll call this "Series A" incase i decide to continue the story at a later date. 10/29/2018 5PM Somehow it happened, on a cold day, in a warm room, where the blinds hid any sign that there was more to life than the school i was sitting in. I was sleeping peacefully on my desk, blissfully unaware of whatever my teacher was talking about... things were perfect. I was dreaming of colors. There was no plot, no characters, no setting... just feeling. It was the type of nap that only comes around once or twice a year. The type where you question if your even sleeping. I awoke with a jolt like a soldier with ptsd... then i scanned the room as i waited for my breathing to slow down. The room is empty, but i could have sworn that somebody tapped my shoulder. Its as if i can still feel their hand there, as if they only moved away a moment ago... i guess stranger things have happened. I pinned it on my overactive imagination and made my way into the hallway. It was empty and in the simplest terms creepy. The red lockers flashed in and out of my vision due to the light at the end of the hall that was having a spaz attack... that was normal though, me and my friends had even nicknamed it the murder corridor because we figured if there was ever i killer on the loose, he'd want to set the scene....Everything was still blurry from my tired eyes and although i kept rubbing them i couldn't seem to get them out of their murky fog. I've never regretted not bringing my glasses to school more than i have in this moment. Then i heard something shatter... glass? I wonder what broke? I start walking down the hallway somewhat frantically, checking the classrooms as i went by... what time was it? Where was everyone? All the blinds were shut so there was no telling what time of day it was, and there was no way i was going to open them to find out. I don't know why... something just seemed off about the whole thing. Finally, I'm at the main stairs. Its a big spiral staircase in the center of the school and if you look down you can see the lobby four floors away. I feel stupid, like a little kid who's running form their own shadow....whoever is monitoring the security cameras must be having a blast right now. I shake my head at the idea, causing my long braided pigtails to slap me back into reality... I really hope that i don't get killed... its not that I'm not ready to die, i just really don't want to die with smudges mascara and the same hairstyle i wore on my first day of kindergarten... I realize I'm getting side tracked and start running down the stairs, the pitter-patter of my shoes echoing through each floor as i pass it. 3....2....1 I'm in the lobby. I slow to a walk as a catch my breath and make my way toward the door. The sun looks as though I've been looking for it for an eternity. I cant help but kind of smile at myself, at the stupid idea of there actually being a killer on the loose, at the fact that i fell asleep in class and nobody bothered to wake me up. I open the door and feel the rush or fresh air. It feels so crisp and clean, as if I'm taking my first breath after almost drowning. I take my first step outside only to find the earth crumbling beneath me. The breeze is now hot with flaming embers in its grasp. I'm trying to cover my eyes.... i cant help but look down... I wish i hadn't looked. The earth has cracked and i can see every layer, the most distinct being the lava below me. The heat is unbearable. The air smells stale and brings the suffocating feeling of claustrophobia to my lungs and suddenly i widen my eyes and realize that these are the colors of destruction... suddenly everything slows and the heat subsides to the point where its tolerable. I look up to see the embers, falling like snowflakes, turning to ash before they hit the ground... suddenly i feel like I'm in grade school again. I'm happy and playful and smiling. The crack has almost closed up and i jump over it as if i were jumping over a puddle. I'm on the other side now, frolicking in the ash... I've forgotten it was ash thou, by now I'm convinced it is snow. It peppers my hair in a way that is gentle and kind... its been so long since I've felt so childish, so free. I look up again and as i do so i stick out my tongue to catch a snowflake...it lands... it burns. I feel the fire creeping down my throat and dropping down to my stomach, I'm being burned from the inside out. I open my mouth, only to release black smoke like a chimney and then begin coughing uncontrollably from the flames inside me. In the distance i see a shadowy figure in the window of the school, their watching me burn... i cant see their face but somehow i know their smiling, i cant feel it. I gasp for air in an effort to save myself and suddenly i wake up... ***** I wake up coughing like crazy in the middle of class. People are looking at me funny. There's a movie on about the civil war and the teacher has stepped out for a minute. Once i finally get my cough under control my best friend leans in to tell me that I've been talking in my sleep for about 10 minutes, and that they didn't wake me because apparently its bad luck to wake someone up during a nightmare... some best friend... at least I'm not dead though. that's always a plus.... This is the story of my first day of high school... this is how i became branded a weirdo for the next 4 years..
  5. Misaki

    It’s been a while...

    @Beocat , I'm not sure how to reply to a comment so i think this is it? Hoping it actually tags you so that you see my reply lol. I love romance anime, things like "Say I Love You" , "Ouran High school Host Club", and "The Wallflower" are some of my all time faves. My only thing is that I'm not really into romance anime where a lot is happening plot wise during the relationship ( ex. superpowers, magic, lots of focus on side characters ect.) I like plot, but i like it more when I'm looking for an action anime or really any anime of a different genre than romance... for romance i prefer it mainly to be focused on the main two characters and their emotions/ inner dialogues. If you cant think of any that adhere to those preferences, I'm still open to any suggestions you may have, everything is worth checking out Thankyou for commenting.
  6. I made this account in 8th grade ... holy shit time flies. I’m older and not much wiser.... I watch way less anime than I used to. Besides that , not much has changed ... or rather, so much has changed that it would b impossible to describe it all in one entry ...besides that I just have no time between work and school and friends to watch anime , I would say that the last time I watched an anime was in May, which is crazy considering I used to watch like 5 series per week. Anyone know some good anime that r only a season long ? The type I could binge in a weekend or even in a night.
  7. Why you gotta be older then me by a month D: *slowly waiting to be older then a member*

  8. some boy just texted me that he likes my legs...*feeling flattered but grossed out*

    1. Ryuji


      A little creepy but still nice. At least he just complimented your legs. It could have been much worse.

  9. Going 2 a new school next year, Thinking of my 2 best friends moving on without me. *Feeling abandoned*

  10. I only turned 14 last month but I do believe in true love, I just haven't found it yet. I'm not like other girls my age , everyone either already has a boyfriend or has a crush on someone...I on the other hand am over it, I've had a crush on 5 boys since I started middle school, two of them got girlfriends before I could confess to them, Two of them were way out of my league and when they found out they laughed at me, and the last one ... we will just call him "Z" ... He was/ is my best friend, when I had a crush on him he would always ask me for girl advice and I would always give it to him because I figured if I was helpful maybe he would like me...well I waited...and waited ... and waited...and pretty soon we found ourselves at the last day of school. When I had gotten home he called me and we talked for about 3 hours ( which was normal for us) and then he said something along the lines of " Sooo....I like this girl...Shes very short, has brown hair and is very beautiful." I felt flattered, thinking that he was talking about me I started to say in a very flirtatious voice " does she sit with you during lu-" luckily he cut me off before I could finish and said " by the way she's Latino" ( im not Latino)...Later on I found out that he was listening in on a call I was having with a friend and he found out everything. He then told me that he liked me as a friend . Last month, at the end of 8th grade, we are still best friends.But I did get my anime moment...All the time I found myself daydreaming about him, sometimes he would be confessing to me and tell me that he lied before and he really did like me.... On the 3rd to last day of school I we were playing truth or dare and I was in the middle of a day dream that made me smile out of no where... the day dream was that I was dared to kiss him. My day dream then came to an abrupt end when my friends were yelling at me that it was my turn to pic out of the hat... I picked and sure enough my piece of paper said "kiss the person to your right on the cheek" ... He wasn't so thrilled but all through the rest of the day I had a fluttery feeling and a smile I couldn't get off of my face. So yes, I do believe in true love although I haven't found it yet, I think that true love is and even better fluttery feeling and an even bigger smile. For a while I thought that nobody would ever like me because the people I had crushes on didn't but ive got a long time left and one day maybe when im 50 years old im going to find true love weather they like me back or not PS: sorry about writing my life story ...
  11. Amy

    If only.......

  12. 1. Kaichou wa maid-sama Kaichou wa maid-sama or just maid-sama is one of my favorite anime. It is about a high school girl named Misaki who is sexist and is in no way looking for a boyfriend. Then along comes Usui … the guy who every girl likes. Now that Usui has developed an interest in Misaki he will do anything for her, including keeping her after school job a secret from their entire school, And who knows… maybe Misaki just might be interested in him too. Definitely recommended for newcomers , I hope you enjoy this comical romance…I promise you will love it! 2. Peach Girl Peach Girl is an amazing anime. It focuses more on the drama leading up to the romance than the romance itself. Momo is a very tan girl who hates her tan , she feels that all guys including the guy that she likes would prefer more fair skinned girls. Due to this she non stop applies sun screen and doesn’t swim anymore, even though she loves to. Her best friend Sae ( The palest girl in school) is starting to get on Momo’s nerves when she begins spreading rumors about Momo that aren’t true (And believe me these are some NASTY rumors). Then … Momo has had the last straw when Sae tries to win over Momo’s crush Toji. Now the competition begins! Who will Toji fall for!?!?! Will Sae and Momo ever make up?!?! What kind of rumors are Sae spreading?!?! FIND OUT IN PEACH GIRL!!! THE ROMANTIC DRAMA WHERE 2 GIRLS FIGHT FOR ONE GUY’S AFFECTION, BACKSTABBING! RUMORS! LOVE! REVENGE! AND ALL FOR TOJIS HEART! This anime is the only anime that I have seen that has such an extent of backstabbing. In other anime they would just stop being friends or something like that but in Peach Girl just like in the real girl world , you cant get rid of your enemies’ that easily. Also another guy enters the picture… but I will let the part he plays be a surprise .Even though the animation isn’t all that special THIS IS A MUST SEE!!! 3. Toradora Toradora is about the relationship between Taiga Aisaga and Ryuuji. Taiga is a very small girl who looks cutesy and nice but in reality she is violent and hot headed . Meanwhile Ryuuji is cursed with a mean looking face that makes everyone scared of him when in reality he is a caring , cooking, cleaning, well kept goody two shoes. When their paths meet they find that they have more in common than they thought including rough home lives and insecurities about how their school mates think of them. Then over time they become great friends and change each other for the better. This anime is a beautiful story about two people who learn to find happiness in each other’s company and make friends along the way. 4. My Little Monster (only available in English sub) My Little Monster is about the relationship between two highschoolers : Haru and Shizuku. Haru always resorts to violence first when trying to fix a problem ,meanwhile Shizuku the study bug doesn’t associate with other people because she doesn’t believe that anything but her grades are important. Due to Haru’s violent nature he has never had any friends since everyone is afraid of him , this has made him socially awkward and longing for friends, with no idea how to make any. Shizuku on the other hand has always been an outcast and has learned to love being alone and hate talking to people. Haru has decided that he no longer wants to go to school and starts skipping so the teachers send Shizuku (their most trusted student) to give him his homework. Shizuku reluctantly agrees in order to stay on her teachers good side. When Shizuku and Haru meet Haru gets the idea that Shizuku wants to be his friend and decides to go back to school. Now Haru is always with Shizuku which she is not a fan of .but with time Shizuku warms up to Haru and they soon discover feelings they never thought they had …3 CHEERS FOR THIS SOCIALLY AWKWARD COUPLE AND THEIR WEIRD RELATIONSHIP!!! 5. Brothers Conflict In this reverse harem a girl named Ema Hinata lives with her father and her pet/best friend Chi, but when her father marries Miwa Asahina things take a sudden turn . With 13 new step brothers and a pet squirrel to protect her Ema becomes the center of attention to every one of her new siblings. Some love her as a new sister and some …love her as something more. The question is WHO WILL SHE CHOOSE? Hope you enjoyed part 1 of my top 10 list!
  13. I don't really know how forums work but i am pretty sure I am supposed to introduce my self so Konnichiwa watashi no namae desu Ariana!
  14. Sitting around waiting for something amazing to happen...If only life were like an anime...(sigh)

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