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It’s been a while...



I made this account in 8th grade ... holy shit time flies. I’m older and not much wiser.... I watch way less anime than I used to. Besides that , not much has changed ... or rather, so much has changed that it would b impossible to describe it all in one entry ...besides that I just have no time between work and school and friends to watch anime , I would say that the last time I watched an anime was in May, which is crazy considering I used to watch like 5 series per week. Anyone know some good anime that r only a season long ? The type I could binge in a weekend or even in a night. 


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Any anime you used to enjoy or genres you like? I could name some slice of lifes and romances that are 13 episodes easily but if you aren't into it....


Welcome back :)

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@Beocat , I'm not sure how to reply to a comment so i think this is it? Hoping it actually tags you so that you see my reply lol. I love romance anime, things like "Say I Love You" , "Ouran High school Host Club", and "The Wallflower" are some of my all time faves. My only thing is that I'm not really into romance anime where a lot is happening plot wise during the relationship ( ex. superpowers, magic, lots of focus on side characters ect.) I like plot, but i like it more when I'm looking for an action anime or really any anime of a different genre than romance... for romance i prefer it mainly to be focused on the main two characters and their emotions/ inner dialogues. If you cant think of any that adhere to those preferences, I'm still open to any suggestions you may have, everything is worth checking out :) Thankyou for commenting.

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First I would suggest Snow White with the Red Hair if you haven't seen it yet.  It's two seasons long, but definitely worth the watch. 

Recovery of an MMO Junkie is quite good as well (and short...8-10 episodes I think).  In fact, I think that might be the exact type of anime you are looking for. 


I have some older anime I could suggest as well, if you are interested :)  Might take a bit of time to track them down however. 

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