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My Top 10 Romance Anime ( Part 1)



1. Kaichou wa maid-sama

Kaichou wa maid-sama or just maid-sama is one of my favorite anime. It is about a high school girl named Misaki who is sexist and is in no way looking for a boyfriend. Then along comes Usui … the guy who every girl likes. Now that Usui has developed an interest in Misaki he will do anything for her, including keeping her after school job a secret from their entire school, And who knows… maybe Misaki just might be interested in him too.
Definitely recommended for newcomers , I hope you enjoy this comical romance…I promise you will love it!

2. Peach Girl

Peach Girl is an amazing anime. It focuses more on the drama leading up to the romance than the romance itself.
Momo is a very tan girl who hates her tan , she feels that all guys including the guy that she likes would prefer more fair skinned girls. Due to this she non stop applies sun screen and doesn’t swim anymore, even though she loves to. Her best friend Sae ( The palest girl in school) is starting to get on Momo’s nerves when she begins spreading rumors about Momo that aren’t true (And believe me these are some NASTY rumors). Then … Momo has had the last straw when Sae tries to win over Momo’s crush Toji. Now the competition begins! Who will Toji fall for!?!?! Will Sae and Momo ever make up?!?! What kind of rumors are Sae spreading?!?! FIND OUT IN PEACH GIRL!!! THE ROMANTIC DRAMA WHERE 2 GIRLS FIGHT FOR ONE GUY’S AFFECTION, BACKSTABBING! RUMORS! LOVE! REVENGE! AND ALL FOR TOJIS HEART!

This anime is the only anime that I have seen that has such an extent of backstabbing. In other anime they would just stop being friends or something like that but in Peach Girl just like in the real girl world , you cant get rid of your enemies’ that easily. Also another guy enters the picture… but I will let the part he plays be a surprise .Even though the animation isn’t all that special THIS IS A MUST SEE!!!

3. Toradora

Toradora is about the relationship between Taiga Aisaga and Ryuuji. Taiga is a very small girl who looks cutesy and nice but in reality she is violent and hot headed . Meanwhile Ryuuji is cursed with a mean looking face that makes everyone scared of him when in reality he is a caring , cooking, cleaning, well kept goody two shoes. When their paths meet they find that they have more in common than they thought including rough home lives and insecurities about how their school mates think of them. Then over time they become great friends and change each other for the better. This anime is a beautiful story about two people who learn to find happiness in each other’s company and make friends along the way.

4. My Little Monster
(only available in English sub)

My Little Monster is about the relationship between two highschoolers : Haru and Shizuku. Haru always resorts to violence first when trying to fix a problem ,meanwhile Shizuku the study bug doesn’t associate with other people because she doesn’t believe that anything but her grades are important. Due to Haru’s violent nature he has never had any friends since everyone is afraid of him , this has made him socially awkward and longing for friends, with no idea how to make any. Shizuku on the other hand has always been an outcast and has learned to love being alone and hate talking to people. Haru has decided that he no longer wants to go to school and starts skipping so the teachers send Shizuku (their most trusted student) to give him his homework. Shizuku reluctantly agrees in order to stay on her teachers good side. When Shizuku and Haru meet Haru gets the idea that Shizuku wants to be his friend and decides to go back to school. Now Haru is always with Shizuku which she is not a fan of .but with time Shizuku warms up to Haru and they soon discover feelings they never thought they had …3 CHEERS FOR THIS SOCIALLY AWKWARD COUPLE AND THEIR WEIRD RELATIONSHIP!!!

5. Brothers Conflict

In this reverse harem a girl named Ema Hinata lives with her father and her pet/best friend Chi, but when her father marries Miwa Asahina things take a sudden turn . With 13 new step brothers and a pet squirrel to protect her Ema becomes the center of attention to every one of her new siblings. Some love her as a new sister and some …love her as something more. The question is WHO WILL SHE CHOOSE?

Hope you enjoyed part 1 of my top 10 list!

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