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Go Away...



Once the lymph node in my neck decides to calm it's crap I'll officially be back to my healthy old self. The swelling appears to be going down since I don't have those painful episodes to where I feel like my eardrum is about to explode. The only time I really notice it now is whenever I tilt my head a certain way or lay down, then it wants to scream "Hey, I'm still here!!". Ugh, just go away already, will ya? Doctors told me that they can't do anything for it and all I can honestly do is sleep and take ibuprofen as well as a steady intake of water (Yuck, water??). It doesn't help that my dog and cat want to be a pain in the butt so I have to yell and chase them in order to prevent them from literally destroying the house while my fiance is away at work. I tried kenneling my dog while I sleep but quickly discovered he's an expert escape artist and literally nothing stops him **cries**; even as I type this I have to chase them down. I'm going nuts here, lol. I can tell you for sure that I cannot wait until this weekend because I have a full weekend off. Yes I said it, a full weekend off and guess what? I'm getting the hell out of my house and doing some shopping as well as getting away from work and the animals. Haha, take that you evil doers (And no, I didn't mean to literally call them evil but they are crazy which is driving me insane **exhales**). To be truthful though, I love all of my pets with everything in me and I wouldn't give them up for nothing. They've helped me get through the roughest of times and never let me down; more than any person has done. It doesn't mean however that they don't drive me up the wall occasionally, lol.


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Be glad it's a lymph node and not a disc ;) that happened to me and they thought it was a lymph node at first. Couldn't turn my head, the pain never stopped, would've required a neurosurgeon to fix.  I walked around with a disc shaped bulge pushing out the left side of my neck. I suffered through 3 months of constant agony before it slowly ground its own way back in. If it is a lymph node, did they biopsy it? I know they like to take the watchful waiting route but if you really can't tolerate the pain any longer, they could remove it (or if infected at least give you antibiotics).


I hope your weekend is enjoyable at least :)

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@Beocat No, no biopsy. They just felt it and said it was swollen. That it could take up to 4 weeks to go down. It's a lot better today actually. I just have a headache now. 

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I wish you a speedy recovery.

I have had lymph nodes swelling but they're very minor. And don't bother me at all. It's nothing compared to your experience. 

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