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A somber blog entry. It's sorrowful to see what you are going through. It helps some people to know that most people unfortunately will have some kind of experience similar to something like this. So maybe that is some kind of consolation.

I am a bit surprised by your mother's reaction. But I guess there is some backstory to this, otherwise it seems like a really unusual way of reacting to such news.

As for what the point of all is. That is a really difficult question. I can't really tell you. If you think about it hard, many things do seem to be pointless in the end. I have heard from people who got kids recently, that things they thought were important before, now seem utterly pointless. I guess everyone will have to find an answer for themselves, but it can help to exchange with others what they think.
So, if it helps you can contact me on Discord or here :) 

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I dabbled a bit on response to this.  Like I had told you, I first glanced across this when I was at work - so now having a better chance to sit and look, I've muddied over this a bit.

I'm going to echo a bit of what Terra said in that "most people having some kind of experience similar."  That is true.  Sometimes it's the happiest people you know, or the successful people you perceive that struggle with things the most.  We (being us as human beings) tend to put a lot of emphasis on "stuff."  We have a fascination with it.  Whether that's a nice car, a good job, a degree, a boy/girlfriend, experiences, things of obsession, things of possession...stuff.  What I don't ever consider stuff is family - you can't choose them, right?  While it's true, often times I've found that I had to source out a lot of who I was depending on to others.  Friends, and sometimes even co-workers.

I'm very sorry to hear that your mother reacted in that way.  Whether there's a backstory or not, that's a painful reaction. 

My bottom line here is this: you aren't alone with any of this.  You have a pretty decent group of misfits friends in those of us here though.  We're also tradable!

But all joking aside - you might be surprised how much you aren't alone in your strife.  I know it's hard to see when you're down, but we're all kind of in this together.

I got your six, battle buddy.

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