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D&D, HxH Addition!



Hey all! ^^

Seems weird, but I have been running a HxH D&D for quite some time now, and i just wanted to talk about it a little bit, since I feel it may interest some of you. While it is set in the HxH universe, it also uses the idea of a forever expanding planet, so while some locations are still the same from the actual series, there are billions of different factions, creatures and places to explore. 

Seems weird, but I kind of adapted the D&D rule-set to simplify the rules for newer players, shortening down the stats to only 5. While this means that large amounts of the micromanagement for stats is out the window, I have made up for this by implementing crab tons of items and stuff into the world. Either way, each of the characters is more or less meant to be designed to focus more on the RP elements and the combat then the actual technical game-play stuff. 

But yeah, right now is going well ^^ I may have to document everything and share it, although that depends if i get the time ;)

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I like this post you made. I would really love to try sometime to play D&D. But.. I don't know anyone around me who likes and plays it and as well teach me to play. Sounds all fun to me to be honest. I have heard you can do it online on video / voice chats but not sure if it works like the real thing or not. But have seen people play the game on streams. 

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