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  1. Deeath

    Summer school has been...a journey, I started my first day today..which means, dread.
    Although, I see some of my friends in here, so all is well.
    But I will say, I have no idea what Im doing...

    Math is what Im recovering for my credit recovery, and its no fun...anyways...
  2. Deeath

    Yung Death's Music Corner
    Hello everyone, NOT here to support ANY other websites or anything, JUST trying to get my music out there...
    I've been dabbling in music for over 2 years now, and wanted to get it out there...

    My bandlab is yvngdeath
    And I would really like if you listened and took some time to enjoy my songs! Perhaps they may not be of any of your taste...but just know the effort was put forth...

    I experiment with all genres of music, so if the genre sequence is a little off then please understand, I DO experiment! I get all my beats offline, and credit all the beatmakers using the 'Prod.' in my titles...
    So please, if you will, check out my work! I will include my soundcloud - sometime when I get the chance, but if you're curious on my soundcloud name, it is also YUNG DEATH...

  3. Deeath
    Actually pretty annoyed at the moment. My guitar is my pride and joy, and when I was 13 I wrote on it in permanent marker, so of course I began cleaning it, and tried making it look fresh...the marker faded, but hasn't come off. That's the 1st issue...the 2nd issue is that, for over 2 years now I've been wondering why my guitar won't tune right and always sounds a little...off when you play it. Spoiler alert, the strings are rusted..ever since my house fire back in 2020, my family lost a lot, but lucky me, my guitar came out safe...so I thought. 

    The body of the guitar is perfectly fine, no damages other than a few scratches that are barely noticeable, and the DAMN permanent marker...but the strings are a different story. So now me and my family have to invest in some new strings (which cost a pretty penny tbh) and a new will to live. 

    Side Rant
    Did I tell you guys that I lost my amp too? After the fire, it worked perfectly fine. Until one day I was up in my room, I plugged it in, getting ready to see how it sounded with my janky stringed guitar, and then...it started to smoke. Yes, my amp was practically burning itself up on the inside, and I was confused as hell...so it's been sitting outside for over 5 months, destroyed by now from weather damage I suppose...not like it wasn't already broken...

    So not only did I lose my amp, my guitar strings, but my will to live as well. If you don't already know, my guitar is like my child, and to see it damaged like this actually makes me frustrated and disappointed. 
    All I know is that...it's gonna cost some money to get this stuff figured out. 
  4. Deeath

    Finally the school year is coming to an end. That means I have 3 clean months of freedom to relax...well I hope. Although I know I'll be put to work, I know I'll be able to watch hella anime...so that pleases me a lot. I'm also going to my grandmothers for the summer, and her house is very fun, so that will be a nice break for me. My household is hell, and staying there all summer would be a pain in my arse. 
    What are your summer plans? 
  5. Deeath

    Jesus Christ, the more I notice how much I rage at video games, the more I worry for my well being...and the well being of others. Mostly for the fact I have met people who rage at video games harder than me, and it's...funny to say the least. People yelling things that I cannot say here on the forums, which are crude, lude, vulgar, degrading and much more. 
    (Funny how I say the same things when I rage)

  6. Deeath
    Here are some posters I made in Animation & Graphic Design. 

    Hope you guys like these posters, if you have any questions, please ask!
    - Photoshop
    - Apple Mac Computer
    - Wacom Drawing Tablet

  7. Deeath

    Metal Stuff
    Ok, so you all probably will not care, but to the 2-3 people who view my blog, GREAT NEWS!! I'm writing a metal review on Metal Archives, let's HOPE it doesn't get rejected like my last 2 reviews.
    Why the rejection? I struggle with being detailed and precise with my Reviews, so this one is going to be hella banger, as it always should be. I will put more thought into my review, and make this one good. 

  8. Deeath

    Blog Introduction (Late)
    Well now, since I forgot to make a Introduction to this blog, might as well make one now before I continue on with my madness or whatnot. 
    In this blog you'll find me speaking about random things, things that are on my mind or just...I don't know random sh1t. This blog has no true meaning other than it's a place for my random thoughts and stuff. Maybe you find interest in my madness/randomness, but if you don't well -- oh well, I guess. Sometimes I might do reviews on here, sometimes I might be Online late at night and need some place to talk and this is where I'll be. So if you're into that, maybe you should stick around and get to experience the random sh1t that goes on here. Anyway, you'll see me a lot around the Forums, other than here. Sometimes I'll be a bit slow with this blog, but other than that, it's kinda fun around here. This is like my little safe-space, y'know? 
    Anyhoo, enough of my pointless rambling, hope you enjoy the blog, and other madness to come.  

  9. Deeath

    Ok, time to ramble...
    The weather where I live is so weird, considering how it is winter and it has been POURING for days now, i'm a bit agitated...where's the snow? Why is it in the High 50's? COME ON NATURE!! COME ON!! DO YOUR THING!!
    Don't get me started on how the summer is like..back in May of 2016, the weather was freezing, so much that it began to snow and young me didn't care...BUT NOW I DO. One day it will 112 degrees, next day it will be below freezing. I swear, if you tell me climate change isn't real, i'd look at you like you were nuts... (that is just my opinion). Nowadays it has been getting warmer and I don't like it. Honestly I'd rather be cold that burning hot...but a nice tan is nice..
    Anyhoo, what's the weather like where you live? Is it BiPolar like mine? Or neutral?
  10. Deeath

    Anime Stuff
    My god, after finishing March Comes in Like a Lion (3Gatsu No Lion), I honestly am at a lost for words. This anime tugged at my heart strings and made me shed a tear. 
    This is the first time in awhile I have cried at an Anime. 
    Other than the existential dread I felt after finishing Neon Genesis...

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