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  1. Eeeeee!!! 😍😍😍

    Anyone a RE fan? 

    RE4 is also getting a remake and it looks good! 

    1. viruxx


      Not a long-time fan, per se, but this looks like it will be amazing. I see Village on Steam every now and again.

      Are there any backstories from previous installments of RE that would make this one hard to follow if I just started here? Or could I just start here and not miss anything?

    2. Hällregn



      It's a good game, unfortunately it has a great deal to do with previous RE titles. One of the main reveals of Village connects to various other games. Sorry. :(

    3. viruxx


      Ahh well, I guess I could do a little digging into it later on. Right now, I'm mainly enjoying the suspense as I progress through the game. Never know when someone or something is going to jump out at me. 😨

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