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  1. Thank you all so much! I'm wondering if anyone here is an artist or writer (maybe even both), even if I can just look at those communities, I'm curious.
  2. I like to write about many things such as fantasy and adventure with characters as an especially important factor (I love creating characters, even when I don't mean to lol). I like coming up with ideas and stuff about the characters, the story and the world-building (also dynamics). A lot of the times, I like to include some horror/creepy aspects in my writing depending on what I can work off of. I write things about my characters such as their interests and backgrounds/backstories, and usually long-ish stories depending on what I have left to write/how the story will play out.
  3. Hi! Here (as a young writer) I'd like to share about my early journey when it comes to writing, since I'm currently working on 10 or so stories that I should yet come back to. I write about stories that include fantasy, adventure, action, slice of life and so much more. I have stories like "My Identity" & "Eclipse," though My Identity is my most favorite ones. (Ofc I'm passionate about my characters, too/a lot). For example, "My Identity" is about a boy named Jesse Caddel whose dream is to become a hero despite being given the role of a villain at birth... There is an ongoing problem of shadow creatures/shadow wounds he is yet to solve by going on an adventure outside of one of the four villages he resides in, along with his new found friend named Flow Anderson and sister-like Hazel Madden (who is a princess). That's basically it summarized. I'm currently working on it still as I've only done around 20 chapters, but I'm willing to share more about it only if you like the story of it so far/are interested (if you do, then a thumbs up or something would be very much appreciated). If it isn't your cup of tea, don't worry, I still have plenty more.
  4. A little bit about myself: Hi, I'm Lili and I love to draw and write. It's my first time being on a forum ever, so I wanna get to know how the communities are like and all of you maybe (if anything similar). I'm quite shy irl, but can talk a lot when typing. Would anyone like to chat about stuff? Feel free.
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