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  1. I used to play a lot of call of duty and Xbox games when I was younger and I got tired of it after a while. One day I saw my uncle playing dota 2 and decided to try pc gaming. As I have a very shitty PC I couldn't run many things but one game I could run is wow. Wow is pretty much the only game I play right now. I've been playing a lot of legion and its a very fascinating experience. Its very different for me and I enjoy it a lot. I also used to play minecraft a lot and I still do a little bit
  2. I think that kira went too far with his so called justice. He himself would have been the last evil person if his plan had been completed (as ryuk once said). I think that the real moral of the show is that no human should have that kind of power it will drive them mad. But L is also wrong. I think if you want real justice delivered you have to step out the barriers a little bit - batman is a good example of someone who steps out the barrier and gets the job done even though things can get hectic sometimes. I think that its impossible for complete justice to exist and no person can carry out the role of bringing complete justice. Its a complicated subject and could be studied from many different angles with many different opinions but noone knows for sure. Anyway thats just a little of what I thought about the meaning of justice in the show.
  3. I agree with you completely. I am so sick of everything being sugarcoated and everything being such bullshit all the time. So many people have such a lack of reality of the real shit that goes on in the world. They want everything to seem like a perfect wonderland but that is not the case at all. Rape, murder, pedophiles, war - all this shit exists in the world and sugarcoating wont change anything. I think that books or tv shows or movies should not be shunned down on because of violence or rape and things like that. Its just ignorant to say. Needless to say I dont think rape or murder or things like that are good its horrible but it exists and excluding it from books and movies would be excluding a part of human life. Depression is very different I think. A lot of people don't understand what its like and I think thats why its hard for them to read books or watch films with serious depression. Anyway thats my two cents

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