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  1. cyanners


    Pretty high quality anime art, also goes very good as a PC background, or flip it sideways and put it as your phone background.
  2. cyanners

    Recommending Anime's

    Some pretty interesting titles, Berserk and Code Geass are great anime and would recommend to anyone tbh.
  3. cyanners

    Crunchyroll Guest Pass

    i know this is overdue, but Victorique
  4. Title says it all, recommend your favorite anime(s) here! Ill start off, I recently watched an anime called "Eureka Seven". It was really good and I recommend it to you guys, the plot was amazing and the ending finished it with a great touch.
  5. cyanners

    cyanners introduction

    Hey guys, I'm cyanners, I'm 16, and I'm a major weeb Thanks.
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