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  1. hey everybody! ~ I happen to have an extra crunchyroll guest pass laying around but nobody in mind to give it to, so I figured that someone around here could hopefully get some use out of it instead of letting it go to waste. (for those of you who don't know, a guest pass allows you to have 48 hours of premium access to crunchyroll) I know it's not much, but I wanted to give back to this super awesome community who have been nothing but kind and amazing. ~ \(^-^)/ so, to make this fair, leave a comment who your best girl/waifu is and i'll randomly choose someone tomorrow night to give it to! don't worry, your answers won't affect your chances of being chosen, just thought it would be fun (unless ur best girl is emilia, then u are wrong bc REM IS BEST GIRL. just kidding .. maybe)
  2. haven't watched too much new anime this month (i have a terrible tendency to rewatch old favorites for the millionth time instead of actually giving something new a chance) but I did watch devilman crybaby recently and ohhh man, (if you're able to stomach it) I HIGHLY recommend it! I know this show's been hyped up quite a bit recently but it really is incredible (and the memes to come out of the fandom are amazing lmao) been on a kick of watching asian dramas lately, the first one I watched was 'million yen women'. it's a netflix original j-drama (netflix originals are always 10/10) and it had me hooked from start to finish, i reaaally enjoyed it. the show is relatively short (12 episodes, 20 min each) the show starts off (somewhat) lighthearted but gets really intense throughout the next few episodes and it'll always keep you on the edge of your seat. it's a great show that you don't have to invest too much time into, so if you're ever browsing through netflix and at a loss for what to watch next, i'd recommend it! currently in the middle of watching a k-drama (also a netflix original, if you couldn't tell i'm a huge fan of netflix originals) called 'black'! i'm currently finishing up episode 5 (the episodes are about 1hr 30min a piece, so it's definitely not a quick watch, but i'm enjoying that for a change since more often than not i get hooked on a show that doesn't have too many episodes and i finish it within a day T~T ) it's about a girl who has the ability to see a black shadow lingering around any person who is going to die in the near future and if she touches the shadow, she can see exactly how they die, and she ends up teaming up with someone from the detective agency to help prevent the deaths of these people, buut of course everything doesn't go as planned, and that's about as far as i can go without venturing into spoiler territory, hehe ~ i'm enjoying it a lot so far, hopefully the ending doesn't disappoint!
  3. whooop, i'm back! (even though i'm sure only like 3 people noticed my absence, which is understandable given the fact that i was only active for 2 weeks before going mia LOL, i'm the worst i know) 

    i hope everybody's been doing well around here and has been able to survive this cold weather without getting sick! ~  

    1. Wedgy


      Welcome back!

  4. oooo, these are really neat! ~ i like them a lot, i feel like they would make awesome desktop wallpapers!
  5. YURURIN!!

    Where've you been? :o 

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    2. yururin


      ah, i should've gave a heads up, sorry 'bout that! haven't had the flu since i was a child, but man let me tell ya' it's worse then i remember! it literally sucked all of the remaining life out of my body, but i'm all good now! ~ ┏(^0^)┛

      and thank yoooou! ~


    3. SoullessMarshmallow


      It’s okay~ Hey, at least you came back, right? Geez, that’s horrible! I’ve never had the flu, but if I did, I’d probably die because I’ve got asthma ;-; I also wouldn’t like the remaining life sucked out of me either xD Good to hear you’re feeling better!! And no problem!!!

      also, you still need to tell me your useless clam fact of the week xD 

    4. yururin


      ooooh, of course! who could forget about the useless clam fact of the week? my hands are getting clammy just thinking about all of the amazing clam facts i've neglected. detective clamster is on the hunt for clam facts and will report to duty soon. ~

  6. Stranger Things is such a great show! Although sadly I haven't gotten around to watching season 2 yet since I promised my mom that I would wait until we could both watch it together ಥ_ಥ (although I'm starting to think about just cheating and watching it myself o.e ) We have a Netflix subscription but I lend my account out to one of my friends and they let me use their Hulu account in return, so I have the best of both worlds. I used prefer Hulu over Netflix, but Netflix has really stepped up their game with their original series and I now find myself watching Netflix a lot more than I do Hulu! ~ Another show on Netflix I've really enjoyed recently is Black Mirror, except the only problem with Black Mirror is that I can't binge watch it all at once since my mind is turned into mush after every episode so I need a minute to recover LOL
  7. Decided to watch the first episode of Mob Psycho 100 on a whim today not expecting to watch more than a few episodes, but I'm actually enjoying it a fair deal more than I thought I would! ^^ Mob is too precious for his own good, I love him.. o(╥﹏╥)o
  8. Now that you've mentioned it I can't get the thought of orange chicken out of my head so I guess I'll go ahead and say that my favorite food is orange chicken as well Especially orange chicken from Panda Express, even though I know they're probably the least authentic asian restaurant.
  9. woah! your hedgehogs have the most epic names! they all sound like the final boss at the end of a video game and I love that. their names alone intimidate me, they sound so powerful. let's just say I wouldn't want to run into them in a dark alley (even though I'm sure they're incredibly sweet ^^) since you've spoken so highly of it, I think I'm actually going to start watching Code Geass tonight, I'll let you know what I think of it!!
  10. Yuki Yuna Is A Hero is a series that definitely caught me off guard. It's sort of along the lines of Madoka Magica (another show I highly recommend, if you haven't seen it already) as in it starts off seemingly innocent but takes an incredibly dark turn. I won't say much more than that since it's better to go in knowing as little as possible, hehe. Hope you find something that suits your interests
  11. I'll admit, I was totally unsettled by Ryuk the first time I watched death note, almost to the point where I almost considered not watching it at all, but I'm glad I pushed through because death note is seriously one of my favorite series of all time and the reason why I became an anime fan, so it has a very special place in my heart. Also, Ryuk is totally not scary once you get to know him, he just wants to play mario golf and eat some apples ¯\_(ツ)_/¯ Oh my gosh!! Thimble is seriously the most adorable name for a hedgehog, my heart can't take it T^T.. I'm so unoriginal when it comes to naming my pets, I have a cat named Smokey which I recently found out is like the fourth most common cat name in the US or something like that, so... props to you! I've totally been meaning to watch Code Geass, I've heard really good things about it! I think I might give it a go since I've totally been on a kick of watching some more darker anime lately. Tried watching the movie Akira last night, but I seriously I don't think I'm smart enough to fully understand the plot since I had to pause it almost every 15 minutes or so to look at the full movie summary on wikipedia to make sure I was understanding everything right LOL
  12. today is my first day starting winter break, so i'm planning to binge as much anime as possible before i have to go back to school (rip) ●︿● i'm planning on re-watching death note in it's in entirety as it's a tradition for me to rewatch death note every winter break since my break of 2011 was the first time watching death note (my first time watching anime also!) so every year since then i've made it a point to watch it again, and no matter how many times i've seen it it's still as exciting as the first time! excited to finally have enough time to finish up s3 of haikyuu!~ my plan to watch list is a mile long, so it's kind of overwhelming to just commit to just one at a time lmao. maybe i should just put my list through a randomizer and watch the first thing that's chosen so i don't have to feel so conflicted anymore lol. (also i know this was posted a month ago but i just had to let you know that the picture you posted of your hedgehog on the first page of this thread just made me squeal out loud, @Vivi Hyuuga. it's seriously so precious, please give it lots of love for me. that's all)

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