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  1. Any isekai/fantasy or contemporary/modernistic anime/manga you could recommend? Lol, so many slashes...
  2. Thanks for the suggestions, but, unfortunately, I've read these mangas already . These are pretty good manga I should say, but kinda lack in chapters. Pretty good suggestions. I've watched half of the anime you've suggested, which is not a problem, but rather helpful. I've planned on reading some of the anime there, but just didn't have the time or just forgot about it. Thanks for the suggestions!
  3. I prefer isekai (pathetic, i know) and contemporary (modern world) genres... Thanks for the good recommendation. I've read a few parts of Berserk, but got distracted midway and eventually forgot about it.
  4. I'm not a noob or anything, but kindly recommend me manga or anime that will satisfy my boredom. I don't know what to read or watch. I prefer manga over anime, but recommending anime would be appreciated. Mainstream or Non-mainstream. Please~~
  5. Nisekoi. This is the anime which hooked me. When I finally finished the 2 seasons of it, I craved for more. I read the manga (started where the anime ended, very typical) and luckily the manga was nearing its end. It was a really great read for a first.
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