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  1. Yeah i think i'm gonna do the hollow area first then do the tower cause that'll be easy i hear still a lot of stuff to do and the ps4 version is already out @Optic
  2. Anybody play this based off of the anime and light novel of the same name it's pretty good you can get it off psn for 20 dollars.
  3. Well we can discuss it when it does come out or talk about old episodes also i'm on water 7 arc and CP9 have sprung into action.
  4. well i am the clever one vespy.
  5. Thanks a lot i'm sure i will nice small forum here
  6. Come here to discuss the One piece manga and Monkey D Luffy and his strawhat pirate crew
  7. Come here and discuss the One piece anime the adventures of monkey D luffy and his straw hat pirates @Kagura here you go.
  8. I don't know if we are allowed i shall ask the admin about that but i am new to one piece just recently got back into it.
  9. If we had a one piece thread we could discuss it
  10. If i remember that arc correctly thats the arc Nico Robin turns on the straw hats.
  11. can i skipp the filler arc and get to water 7? what episode does it start?
  12. Yes i most certainly do its great i'm on water 7 arc where they lose there memories except for Nico Robin.
  13. Ahh then my idea for a thread does not fit into the guidelines then oh well i'll find a good place to post
  14. I read Bleach and One piece and are there any restrictions for threads in the chit-chat section?
  15. Hello everyone its a pleasure to be here i like a lot of anime and i am currently watching One Piece so just ask if you have any questions and i'll be sure to answer
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