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  1. Nope It was either not very well known (I personally don't even know how I found it the first time ahaha) or my mind is tricking me into remembering bits who aren't in the anime.
  2. It felt a bit more modern, the colors were brighter. It probably didn't have anything to do with cooking but it was certainly a competition where she dressed as a boy. Too Bad I can't find it Hopefully I'll forget about it ahahaha
  3. It's not Ouran High School Host Club, I tried watching that but mine was all about this competition and the girl wanting to be a boy to prove that girls can be butlers/hosts too. The one who keeps coming up to me is Maid Sama but it's a completely different story. They are basically in this school. the guys they have to beat might had white uniforms at the start. They maybe owned a cafe on the other side of city but I might be mixing another anime who had something to do with cooking.
  4. I believe it was probably around 2010-2015. It felt modern at the time. I remember this couple of two young boys a blode one and one with dark hair, the dark haired one is actually the girl. If I'm not mistaken she used to work in a cafe or something and she and her friends/collegues are mad because they can't host or something. So she disguises herself and goes to the selection for this competition. I don't remember much else though. The blonde guy (I believe he is blonde, or has light hair), the fact that they wear tuxedos, they have to waiter, present the food and be the perfect host. It's all about the competition, and she and the guy have to beat the other two bests. they arrive at the end and maybe there are also the other girls doing the competition disguised but they lost before. I really don't remember anything else but that It's just this moment of him being hurt but keep going for her and only falling when they are over. or something. he also played the piano or the violin maybe.
  5. Hi everyone! I'm new here, actually just subscribed because I am dying to find the name of this Anime but no matter what I write in the search bar in google, can't find it! If I'm not mistaken the anime is about a girl who wants to prove that girls can be waitress/butlers as well so she dresses up as a boy to enter a competition that it's held. She is teamed up with a blonde (I believe he was blonde) boy and they end up falling in love. During one of the last episodes, he hurts himself (or is ill?) but keeps on going because he knows how much the girl (dressed as a boy) wants it. I also have an image of someone playing violin or piano but it might be something else. P.s. She has brown hair Thank you so, so much! Anna
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