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    Religion has its own merits why shouldn’t Anime 👍
  2. Isn’t anime for kids? I believe you can try to learn something in everything you do via school, work, anime etc... I also believe anime, tv shows or movies is a great way to escape from reality, used for guidance or personal growth. We spent “our” time in our on way 👍
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    When I’m involved with a show or movie I can’t help that I feel it’s the only time I can feel human. Let me elaborate, I feel that being human everyday isn’t something that people everyday can do on a normal basis anymore. Like being vulnerable, genuine, growth, being you. I laugh, cry, relate, encourage, disagree, hope and so many more emotions everyday. But, I feel I can really let all my feelings out in the open “ vulnerable” and feel more human when I’m not with humans, strange I know 😂
  4. AbleCapable

    Piercings and Tattoos?

    I believe tattoos and piercings is 1 way of expressing yourself but, keep in mind this usually is permanent exceptions laser removal for tattoos. They can be a way to commemorate a memory, way of life or individuality. With that said I too have tattoos and piercings. I usually spend a good lengthy time on the concepts sometimes months/years before I decide this is something I want 👍
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