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  1. Vertigo

    Any Below 18s?

    The title sums it up. Just joined here and was wondering if there is anyone close to my age? It'd be easier to be friends.. I think. Anyways, shoot me a PM or comment down below if you're a fellow teenager interested in being friends :).
  2. Hi. It shouldn't be a surprise that there are apps and sites out there that allow you to stream Anime (videos to be general) with your friends, a party of people even, all on your phone (or PC). I was introduced to one a while back. I grouped with a few others and we streamed an Anime together. It was a rather fun experience. Although right now after the update I'm having mixed feelings with it. Anyways, I just wanted to send out an invitation open to everyone. Do you want to watch Anime together? We wouldn't instantly go at it as strangers, having a short intro privately would do wonders. As for the spesifics: Anime: Tsurune: Kazemai Koukou Kyuudoubu (optional) App: Rabbit Not much else to add eh.. Well, this be all! Send me a message if you're interested. It'd be fun! Bye.
  3. Vertigo


    Hi! First timer here as well. I just created this account 5 minutes ago. It seems out of place for me to welcome you, nevertheless Welcome! Hope you end up enjoying yourself more than you expected to.
  4. Hi everyone. I descended here to do one thing.. Have fun! I think it'd be fun to talk about, and watch, Anime with another person (a friend). What better place than to come to a community of like minded people to find a good companion. It's my first time here.. And I don't regular forums. I'll try to get used to the interface and hopefully be posting (and not just silently reading). This is my anonymous account, but don't let that stop you from knowing me personally! Have a chat and some virtual tea and we'd get along just fine, whether you know my real name or not. Comment down something I should know as a heads up if you've got anything in mind. Or say Hi if you're interested in having that tea ;). If anyone wants to adopt this newbie into their social circle, don't hesitate either. With that done, I'll spend the next 10 minutes or so replying and reaching out to other first timers. Until then, Bye.
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