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    Miss Kobayashi from Dragon Maid, Junichirou Kagami from Ultimate Otaku teacher, Homura from Madoka magica and many more
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  1. Thx for the follow.

  2. I have a note book that i write all the series i have watched. It really comes in handy. In the middle i wrote the anime that i think are interesting but i know i'll forget the name or just anime i want to watch. Kinda like a 'Plan to watch" list in the middle. On it i only write the series and the episode or season i'm on. at that certain anime. I mostly did this because i tend to start like 40+ series that i never get to finish and forget the episode i'm on :') sooo yeah I also use My Anime List. I can keep track of the upcoming anime and also the anime i have on hold. I can also add there the certain movies and OVAs , seasons or idk. But it's a really good way
  3. Hello. I'm France and new here. I have a reaaaaally small question... Long story short i have watched Fate/Stay Night 2006 and i know you don't really need to watch it but i wanted to watch this series in the order it came out...big mistake. Now i'm confused. I don't know which one to watch now because if i watch it in the order it came out it will be the Ultimate Blade Works the movie that came out in 2009 or 2010(i don't remember). In 2012 Fate/Zero came out right? And Zero is set before all the events in Stay Night! In 2014(i think) Fate/Stay Night the better version came out...and in 2017 the Heaven's Field movie came out...now i'm really confused. I have watched Stay Night(even if it's the 2006 version) so i guess there is no point in watching Fate/Stay Night the better version right now but... Should i continue with Ultimate Blade Works or finish the Fate route(meaning to watch Fate/Zero)?
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